FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


And the poster I was quoting completely dodged my question, but it’s cool. Liberals defend their own, I get it.


Perhaps you should address a question posted to you first before asking one of your own either as a deflection or otherwise because thats is what happened.

That is a tactic used by Mr Wall of Text Johnwk who is the ONLY person on this board who is just completely not worth worth approaching.

Just a suggestion, but dont take things so personally and dont assume so much. If someone asks a question of you, at least try to answer, but proping a question to a question isnt productive.


She should be feared because she does not get what it is to work for something. She feels that she is owed something.

Of course the media eats her up.


Maher, daily show, Maddow all did numerous harshly critical segments on specific Obama policy. No one has ever enjoyed the echo chamber of praise Trump gets at Fox. Except maybe Bush.


There were indeed. Nazi sympathizers among them even formed cliques, right out in the open at first.


Yes there were - more than 10,000 Germans; Italians as well.


Mostly Axis nationals- whereas there were 10 camps holding over 110 K Japanese American citizens.


Millions of German- Americans and Italian-Americans never faced internment. Whereas most every Japanese American was interned.


11,000 is not an insignificant number of victims, that’s all I’m saying. I expect it would be thought of as a pretty big deal if not for being overshadowed by the Japanese camps.


You’re better than this - I’ve seen it. Unless you’re privy to inside information on her life experience, how can you know how hard she has or hasn’t worked?


Yes, of course she is right. One problem we have run into as a nation discussing race is that we have defined racism as such an intense character flaw that an accusation of racism is personally devastating and has to be resisted at all cost.

If we take a more traditional view of racism, as a preference for one group over another over racial lines or an appeal to such prejudice than AOC is right. Roosevelt and Reagan both were great Presidents, but Roosevelt resisted desegregating the military (which was done by Harry Truman, a much lesser President) and supporter interment of the Japanese. Reagan’s choice to kick off his Presidential campaign in Philadelphia Mississippi was a clear appeal to white supremacists.

We need to be able to talk about people’s racism without the reaction of “Ohmygod you called someone a racist!” being the response.

People do racist things because societies have racial biases built into their culture, not because they are inherently more flawed than other human beings. We can acknowledge that and all try to do better. Certainly Roosevelt and Reagan could have done better on those lines.


We were angels in WW2 compared to the way Japan behaved. A few years ago I read back to back “The rape of nanking” followed by “Unit 731 Testimony”. I don’t even think the Third Reich was as sadistic as this bunch, it was a daunting read. It’s kind of sad that so little of this is talked about in the west whereas most everyone knows about the atrocities of the Third Reich. The Japanese killed between 15-20 million Chinese (mostly civilians) often in the most barbaric way.


Not at all. Who is Otis McDonald?


I like how she pronounces “important”.


Just an opinion from someone who hires a lot of people in her age group, and sees the attitude every day. You’re right though, I should not have stated it that way.


Should we intern everyone from a country we are at war with?


So are some people saying that these 2 were not racist?


Deporter in chief was what many progressives called Obama.




The German-American Bund was one of them.