FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


Blacks were not able to get the benefits. They were left out. You refuse to look at actual results. Why is that?


No they were rounded up just like anyone in a concentration camp. No due process and the government hid evidence the vast majority of them posed no threat whatsoever.


Oh so now the due process has to be before?


That’s funny.


What due process was used for banning magazines over 10 and “assault rifles”?


i know what the results were.

was the new deal intentionally designed to exclude blacks?


Are you confusing me for someone who agrees with that decision?


You brought up the 2nd, not me.


You said (or at the very least, implied with your question) their internment did not violate their constitutional rights. I brought up the 2nd in hopes of bringing you to your senses. Were the US citizens of Japanese descent, as part of their internment, deprived of their right to keep and bear arms? Yes or no?

If you say the answer is yes, then clearly you agree that their internment did violate their rights. If you say the answer is no, then you are not as pro-2nd as I took you for.


I already answered that question. I find it interesting you feel you are qualified to “bring me to my senses.”

And I appreciate you.


I was unaware there was a qualification process needed to bring someone to their senses. Is there a certifcation path for that, or… :wink:

So you do finally agree that the internment violated their constitutional rights. Good to have you on board.

Your appreciation is appreciated. :wink:


I would think the qualification to bring someone to their senses would be actually having sense.

But I could be wrong.



Also funny…


Actually that was fairly metered. I don’t subscribe to the whole meme about Reagan causing the explosion of crack like Maxine Waters does. I said the Contras brought crack in and that is an established fact verified by the CIA.

Nothing in my post is inaccurate. I said one could make a reasonable argument he was racist, but I didn’t call him one myself. I just said one could with some level of support.

I voted for Reagan, my first ever Presidential vote, when I was serving overseas. Later I came to realize that idolizing anyone, even a President, was a flawed approach. Every President has some degree of dirt attached to them but Reagan’s administration was fairly filthy. Lots of indictments and convictions. GHWB pardoned everyone as he was leaving.

Iran Contra was a very bad thing. You don’t sell missiles to your sworn enemy outside of congressional oversight. You don’t funnel profits from said sales to fund terrorists and rapists who were former strongmen for a dictator, even if that dictator was friendly to the US. Especially since Congress passed a law forbidding it.

It seemed like a long time ago, but from my perspective it was a hundred times worse than the crap Trump pulled with the Russians. Hell, “October Surprise” started with Reagan, one of the great dirty tricks of all time.

He seemed like a nice man and perhaps everyone around him was nasty and did what they felt they needed to in order to get him and keep him in office. I hope that’s the case. But Reagan was a flawed man just like FDR and every President for the last century.


That’s a fair point!


ok thanks.

i disagree that any sensible argument can be made that he was a racist.

but thanks for your opinion and multi paragraph reagan bash that had nothing to do with the topic


That does not matter one bit. He furthered racial disparity and discrimination in this country. End of story.


lots of things did and do. that doesnt make it/them all “racist.”
so, no, not “end of story”


Yes it is end of story. You are getting desperate. He furthered racism on a systemic level. He was a racist as well. Still did a lot of good otherwise.


there is no need for desperation

just still on the lookout for actual evidence that fdr was racist. i cant find any.

that black people or other minorities didnt thrive during his admin, or benefit from programs as much is (sorry about this) not proof