FDR “racist.” and oh yeah, Reagan “racist” too. Guess Who!


lol the “rent free” meme already…

  • be consistently serially stupid ad nauseam but when someone who is not braindead calls you on your stupidness that puts you “living rent free” in their heads

anyway, i thought i’d never live to see the day when idiot leftists turn on their fore-father of government programs fdr

leave it to a dingbat bartender clueless in all regards to turn that right around

and i bet i am older than you



you rolled out the anti-reagan lefty talking points in some punt style attempt (which you hastily gathered at the end) to prove he was a racist

lost a lot of respect for you sorry. shoot

i thought you were one of the better ones

boy, this clueless dingbat dingaling sure has a hold on her watchers

now i really do fear her


Seriously man- we’ve been criticizing FDR for the internment camps for at least half a century.

It’s a bizarro world when a conservative would rather defend concentration camps as constitutional than say a junior democrat member of Congress is right.


no one’s defending “internment” camps (do you work for cnn?) i know i know you needed him to sound like “nazis” but until you can show fdr wanted to round up japanese just because of their race you are just another screamer in the crowd

at least you don’t dismiss my opinions just because you think i support trump, but enough about antifa style stubborn leftist idiots. i do thank you for that


They didn’t have due process?


She can’t pay rent, remember?


Wait so now do you think that placing over 100,000 American citizens of Japanese descent in camps, taking all their possessions and property and not providing any due process is a bad thing? So you agree with AOC? Or wait it was bad but not racist?

Make up your mind man.


show where it was racist per fdr’s policy please

if you can show me i’ll take my hat off to ya

otherwise, no evidence

sorry AOC disciple


No I quite prefer you defending FDR up and down. Its pretty amusing.


then you have an odd sense of humor

i am neither defending fdr nor attacking. just looking for evidence of his being racist

i see none so far

hell just show where the “new deal” was racist like AOC explicitly claimed.

no one’s done that yet either

leftist nincompoop beloved by Colbert, feted by the idiots at CNN, msnbc, way too much of an intellectual coward to face ben shapiro in a simple debate with her “catcalling” excuse to hide like the clueless coward she is…how dare you dispute what she blurts out! lol

what a world


Seriously weird hill to die on. Carry on…


i am alive and well on this hill. there’s not even really a “hill” thats just something you saw from another poster who also fails to show any evidence

so let’s all stop with this stupid meme

you post no good evidence fdr was racist. you dare not even dispute evidence to the contrary

thanks goodnight


What the hell? They specifically targeted American Citizens of Japanese Origin and legal residents. They stuck them in concentration camps and stole everything you had on the basis of their race.

What more evidence is required?


Atta boy…that is a great job of pretending you won the debate! Well done! :rofl:

…and as I said, our conversation on this topic is at an end. :wink:


You know they didn’t have due process.

I notice you avoided the question on the 2nd Amendment. Of all the people on this forum, I thought you at least understood “shall not be infringed”.


i’m aware of shat happened. but how about some evidence that fdr put that into an exec order

the military and civil defense were the ones who picked the japanese


shoot. i was wondering if you were actually going to find evidence that either fdr or his “new deal” was “racist” like the bimbo claimed


Fundamental attribution error.


I think the central government of the time would argue with you.

Yes, they were. Just like Lincoln violated rights.


Of course they would argue with me. It doesn’t negate the fact that US citizens of Japanese descent were not given due process before being rounded up from their homes and put into prison camps for no crime other than their DNA, which you full well know.