FDA says most food inspections halted amid shutdown

They’re trying to figure out how to still inspect high-risk facilities and things like seafood.

Bon appetit.

Just what trump promised… less regulation.

Give me a side of salmonella please!

silly peasants. people laughed when i bought 10 year supply of Trump Steak and Trump vodka! well looks whos laughing now!


Let’s hope something never happens to the internet and google. That would cause a real true panic/meltdown. Most other stuff is a yawn.

As someone who enjoys eating regularly this concerns me.

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Ptomaine for Trump!

Get Ill to Stop Illegals!

Do Not Call Registry (Complaints) is down.


I’ve got this new feature on my cell phone called Call Screening.

A computer assistant asks the caller for more information while I get to observe via instant messaging the answers the caller is giving.

It’s actually loads of fun. The reactions of scam callers to be handled by an automated assistant are hilarious!

Will no one think about the Romaine!!

So no food inspection, border agents going without pay, and TSA workers not showing up for work because they aren’t being paid…

All in the name of keeping Americans safe? Seems like a strange way to go about it.

You know who also isn’t getting paid? Air traffic controllers - and they are under staffed to begin with.

Turns out that tax cut that was going to easily pay for my Costco membership isn’t all that useful if you don’t get paid in the first place.

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