FBI vs Apple: Encryption

Where do you stand?

“Every time there’s a traumatic event requiring investigation into digital devices, the Justice Department loudly claims that it needs back doors to encryption, and then quietly announces it actually found a way to access information without threatening the security and privacy of the entire world,” says Brett Max Kaufman, senior staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union. “The boy who cried wolf has nothing on the agency that cried encryption.”

Personally I don’t think Apple should give the FBI ■■■■■ Especially not a backdoor into their phones. Seems like FBI has the tools necessary to do their job, so they can pound sand.

Digital privacy is very important to me and we need confidence that if we choose to lock up our digital lives, that the companies we trust don’t betray us.

So where do you stand? Poll below

  • I Support the FBI; Apple should provide a backdoor
  • I support Apple; FBI is overreaching

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We know they can get into or around the phones anyway without the pre-set backdoor. It’s just more difficult.

Also funny that while we rightly point out all the reasons why the western world shouldn’t use Huawei we’re trying to publicly heel Apple.

It looks to me like some of the most significant publicly known exploits over the past few years came from the hacked CIA/NSA tools anyway.

I can find price charts for 0day’s publicly posted by reputable security vendors that can get you into anything now.

So why in the hell would anyone want more holes to be built, into anything?

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Exactly. We don’t need it. Let the FBI figure it out

To me, the evidence is apparent it already has.

So why do they keep asking? What’s the real goal?

Being able to do it without a warrant, remotely.

Yep. They don’t want to go through the proper channels to get access.

They are doing it in the name of national security.

Just so nobody misunderstands my position; ■■■■ the FBI.

The company’s responsibility is to its customers.

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Meh, they’ve already got so many other tools they can combine for that and the warrants don’t seem to be much of an issue. AFAIK Stingrays are pretty much just being used in the wild with little restriction by everyone now.

I disagree with the bureau on this. In some instances I have agreed with the mission the agents, intelligence analyst, branch chiefs, etc. of the FBI do in their day to day. To a certain degree, it was a good group to work with. However, among other things I consider this to be overreach and us steadily going down the road in giving up more of our liberties. This is not a partisan thing either, because both sides are willing participants despite how much they try tell US they want to defend our civil liberties as if they’re the good guys. Everyone has an agenda, want wins and the thirst for notoriety, prestige and power is through the roof. So glad I’m no longer there, especially in the Hoover building and in this current climate.

Cute that anyone thinks the FBI hasn’t had this “backdoor” the whole time. :rofl:

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Maybe. Then one hand to wonder, why are they begging Apple for it?

They should just use their little toys and shut up


They’re not our friends.

if there are things you dont want law enforcement to see, there are ways to encrypt that are pretty much unbreakable…

dont rely on the phone companies to protect you…

opsec is your responsibility…

The crazy thing about this story is that Alshamrani was Al-queda and managed to get past Saudi vetting to be trained as a fighter pilot by the US.

It is crazy times that this is news is just “meh”

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Then brace yourself, the only that is going to matter, politically, for up to the next decade, is the economy and jobs.

This isn’t a fair vote IMO. If…the FBI always proved to be the investigating arm of “we the people”, I’d be on their side? I’d say ■■■■ Apple. The abuses with in the FBI though have been so rampant and those committing these crimes at the heads of our nation’s intelligence agencies have not been held accountable. Inspector Wray is blocking the effort too, making him a part of the swamp IMO. Until they have been investigated for wrong doing and those responsible, held accountable… ■■■■ the FBI.

They were formed to enforce the prohibition act, so I’m a hard NO. They’re not this people’s investigative arm.

I really hope I’m still alive the day a quantum computer starts cracking everything from the last 50 years.

We’ll be like, psh, remember wikileaks?