FBI is reconstructing shredded documents obtained during Cohen raid

Reconstructing shredded docs? Juicy :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

That is awesome.

so great.

Gonna stretch things out a bit, isn’t it?

Should have used a micro cut shredded not the cheap strip shredder.


Wonder how I could apply for that job?

Cohen probably cut them in half with scissors and then frog danced around the room high-fiving his cats.

You know, the Cooley Law way.


I’d help for free!

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Do you have any experience with school paste?

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Indicated he was destroying evidence? How many offices and individuals have shredders and use them for security or other purposes? Are they all destroying evidence?
He may have been destroying evidence or he may have been using the shredder for legitimate purposes. The existence of shredded documents does not mean he was destroying evidence.
And, would deleting thousands of emails shortly before an investigation be an indication of destroying evidence?

I am sure this is all one big coincidence :joy:

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Bong fires and marshmallows.


Dude bong fires :open_mouth:

Bonfire, that is. I am tired.

And this no edit button thing is like taking one’s belt. :smile:

There are shredded documents in companies all over the country, all over the world, tonight. Anyone who is drawing a conclusion based on that it…mistaken.

Also so great…Trumps lawyer is a cheap skate and doesn’t even buy the best equipment for the job.

Cohen should have used bleachbit

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The conclusion I am drawing is, the FBI thinks Cohen shredded documents they are interested in.

Not a crime to shred documents, unless he shredded documents he was ordered to turn over.

Are they that desperate to find something? How stupid is this, good grief!

My conclusion is I don’t know what they think, but they are going through whatever documents they can find and shredded documents are still documents (once reconstituted). Just like they did with the new found Hillary emails.

man, that’s gotta make Trump voters nervous.

and Trump himself.