Fbi got caught they over reacted

Say it louder with a cool beat clap!

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i dont care what happens to her

gloat about her being above the law to someone else

She isn’t above the law. That is the thing. She just isn’t. But millions of Right Wingers would swear on a stack of Bibles that she is.

I really don’t care much what happens to her either.

I do get a huge kick out of all the unbridled Right Wing angst that she is out and about walking free as a bird.

It is hilarious.


Statute of limitations bro. She’s not off the hook just because she’s a loser.

No one cares. Lock her up!!

She is off the hook because Republicans are keystone cop losers at getting her indicted, and I have little doubt that will ever, EVER, change!

P.S. How are things up your way?

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Fat Donald is subject to the same en masse statute of limitations that Hillary is subject to.

He won’t be able to pardon himself forever.


Odd thing to say … having just said “get over it.”

Better than down your way.

Okie Dokie…sorry I asked.

Won’t make that mistake again.

Sorry to have ruined your day, but you did ask.

Odd thing to say … having just said “get over it.”

Party of projection…

10 years after her death, some Trump wanna be will start a chant at one of their rallies:

Dig her up!
Lock her up!


Chanting it to We Will Rock You beat works

she did things that would outright land people in jail fast

pretend otherwise all you want with all your emotes but we know reality


Yet she walks free amongst us and how many of Fat Donald’s “best people” have gone down or are going down and have been proven to be real criminals?

I pretend nothing. She is not in jail because Republicans have desperately tried for 3 decades to perp walk her and they have for 3 decades failed miserably.

One little old fat cankled lady that is sooooooooo guilty, and yet all the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men have failed for 30 years to even remotely crack her wrinkled shell.



third post of several paragraphs, and more emotes on this

why trying so hard?

He was asking because of the earthquake. Why did you have to be rude about it?

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And yet Republicans do nothing.