FBI finds nobody was spying on trumps campaign

He lied to you…again…muskrat holes.

How much more are people going to accept he is lying to them?

Hook line and sinker people defended that obama spied…

Now its gonna flip to Horowitz is protecting the fbi because he is one of them.thus double down on the stupid.

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Every lie he tells will be accepted and excuses found.

It’s still Obama’s fault because Mueller didnt find any collusion on birther gay pants.

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It’s not lying if you never care what’s true.


In before

My Prediction

This will just be more evidence of deep state corruption

And I do think that is going to be an actual argument.


Of course, The fact that the investigation wasn’t corrupt can’t be allowed to stand.

Drip Drip Drip

This very likely means that Comey will not get indicted.

Wait a minute, so trump was lying when he stated that Obama was spying on him? Get outta here!


This is so unlike Trump…

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Nobody is but rudy

That’s not what Trump has heard. Lots of people are talking about it.

In before Horowitz is Obama holdover.

But but… I heard from you know who that this report was going to put people in prison.

Was there ever a doubt.


Wait - what??? This is impossible!!! I’ve read right here on this very forum that people were spying on Trump and were going to be put in jail! How can this be??

Is it possible Dishonest Donny was lying to us???

No - that can’t possibly be it.

There has to be another explanation!!!

We obviously need an investigation on this investigation!!!


Not exactly accurate…

The draft report criticizes FBI officials for alleged errors and omissions, the Times reported. It reportedly concludes that the FBI was careless when trying to wiretap Page and accuses a lawyer of altering a document in 2017.

The front-line lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, could face criminal charges, according to the newspaper.

It will all be out soon. No need to jump the line with sources familiar with…



I was told over the radio that Comey will get indicted.


Yeah I heard about what was altered. A single line by a lower level guy…

That being said nobody was spying on trump and the fbi was justified in looking at trump…

So…just .keep on spinning keep on spinning…dory.

I like how now we shouldnt be jumping but if this was some really damning evidence you guys would be jumping like it was the Olympics.