FBI confirms it has Hunter Biden's laptop

How do you suppose Giuliani got his mitts on it if he wasn’t part of the plan in the first place? The whole story is ridiculous.

Your whole story is a) so 2020 and b) so ridiculous….

What a pant load on nonsense.


Must hold on to the narrative at all costs. The emotional damage from letting go is just too much to handle.


Did y’all see they America’s 1st drug addict is suing the laptop repair shop owner for disseminating information that may or may not have been his from a laptop he may or may not have owned….

Anybody else sick of our disgusting lying corrupt first family?

Here’s Johnathon Turley’svtake from Foxnews.com.

“Hunter Biden’s countersuit against the computer shopkeeper who turned over a laptop belonging to the first son to authorities and members of the press is “one of the weirdest filings I have read in some time,” one legal scholar says.

In his lawsuit Biden claims John Paul Mac Isaac illegally distributed his personal data and alleges he invaded his privacy. Isaac has said a man he believed to be Hunter Biden did not return after the 90-day policy window to retrieve his damaged laptop. Biden’s suit reportedly claims Isaac violated a Delaware law prohibiting dissemination or exploitation of property within one year’s time.

George Washington University Law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley said Friday the suit is “like Alice in Wonderland.”

“It gets curiouser and curiouser because this is one of the weirdest filings I have read in some time because [Hunter is] telling the court this may or may not be my laptop and these files may or may not be my files, but I am egregiously injured by the invasion of my privacy,” Turley explained on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” Hunter Biden countersuit against Wilmington computer repairman 'one of the weirdest filings': Turley | Fox News


What’s comical is reading an honored liberal on this forum race back thru four or five versions of this lies we’ve been told about the laptop ….


Mac Isaac will fold like a cheap suit and the truth will all come out.

All the “wake up sheeples” and gullible libs comments across the years and a blind computer repairman taking a laptop from someone he thinks is Hunter Biden in which he ends up giving it to Rudy Guiliani after it’s unclaimed is unquestionable. It might be Hunter’s laptop, all the content on it his own, no foul play whatsoever. But as a story it’s ridiculous.


Just as an aside, how does a legally blind person repair computers?

I think legally blind actually means limited, uncorrectable vision, and in his case, enlarging images allowed him to do the repair.

If any legal action is taken against Hunter for anything on that laptop, it won’t be the laptop alone. Emails are evidenced by those who send them and receive them. Payments are evidenced by actual transactions and the people involved. And people talk.

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Not in 4 years they haven’t.

Maybe, but I have a friend who is totally blind and he repairs small engines and a local lawnmower repair shop.

WOW- that’s a talent.

If I haven’t seen him for a year or two even, when I say Hey Alan!, he knows my voice instantly.

You are right. But what else would you expect from Hunter crackhead Biden than ridiculous?

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Cmon. You can’t possibly believe that story.

Well, I certainly don’t believe your story. :smirk:

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Well, we are going to find out what’s what, so let’s discuss it then. You can be sure the whole thing started and ended with Rudy, and there were no coincidences. I don’t think Mac Isaac will be a tough nut for the plaintiff’s lawyer to crack, especially since he has given several different stories already. Extra lucky for the plaintiff that Mac wrote a book.

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You can discuss it. I don’t give a Tinker’s damn about Hunter’s laptop unless it proves criminal activity by him or any other Biden.

Yeah- it won’t. It hasn’t in 4 years.

I wonder if Mac Isaac is just some poor schnook who was duped by Rudy, or if he was in on it from the start?

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