FBI confirms it has Hunter Biden's laptop

And also…don’t save it for an attempted October Surprise.

They had this laptop from the start of the election season.

By the time it was released, millions of Americans had voted already.

Unless of course…the narrative itself is the thing…

Which of course, it is.

Which is why the J6 Committee controlled what information would be released and discussed.

Which is why Elon Musk selectively released the Twitter Files.

Which is why McCarthy has given J6 footage to Tucker Carlson.

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I would bet money on an “October Surprise”.

Didn’t happen. Ruby got a copy of the contents long after the laptop had been handed over to the FBI. This was done because the FBI had not responded on any findings to the person who gave it to them, and implied to him it would be better if he kept quiet about it. The FBI copy did not go through Ruby.


Well we only have his word on that.

But more importantly even if that was said, it doesn’t automatically make it political or partisan.

More likely the FBI agent wanting to be a big shot.

Which I can believe.

Is there any evidence anywhere that proves the actual physical laptop was ever left in the Delaware shop BY HUNTER BIDEN? I can’t find any. The owner of the shop could not confirm it was him.

We know SOMEONE using HB’s name left a laptop for repair. The owner could not confirm that it was HB, because he is legally blind.

K…now go smoke some parmesan cheese. :wink:

And maybe not. How many memories do you have from when you were two?

You can rationalize his drug use and other questionable behavior all you like … but the fact remains, he’s still a total dumbass.


What difference does that make? It’s his laptop, right?

I doubt that. I don’t doubt that some of the data from the (many) hard drive copies are authentic, but I think all of this info was obtained by hacking, probably by Russia with encouragement from Rudy to help Trump. Someone planted this info on a laptop (with a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it) and dropped it off with the Republican blind guy (handy) to make the info look less suspect.

Why would you doubt that? Lib intuition?

I think Rudy and friends got a bunch of hacked crap from Russian Ukranians, and had to figure out how to legitimize its existence. This was their plan. Blind republican guy, couldn’t ID the person who dropped it off, ends up with Rudy. Does that make sense?

None whatsoever … Particularly when compared to the “it belonged to Hunter Biden” scenario.

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He said without evidence. I mean we’re you that doubtful about the dossier, or did you buy into it until it was admitted to coming from the Hillary campaign?


Didn’t pay much attention to that.

Back in the news. I hope Mac Isaac is sorry he ever let Rudy drag him into this.
Side note- Hunter Biden and Jaren Kushner share the same lawyer, Abby Lowell.

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50 intel hacks lied and interfered in the election. Many had been in leadership positions. Thus proving you can’t reform the federal agencies. Dishonest Partisan hacks worm their way into leadership and interfere with elections. The reps need to start talking about cutting their budget. And they should say they are doing it to save SS and medicare.


What a Whopper.

I just saw the Burger King blush.

Circling the crackheads… :rofl: