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So with the fbi report due on the 9th. Which we have learned that that really isnt anything damning. You will see the GOP cherry picking and pushing more conspiracies to win the narrative of the day.

Barr is gonna pull another Mueller report with his 400 page book about nothing which was rushed.

So all that gaslighting before the impeachment inquiry was a set up for what they are about to do now. Barr is currently setting things up with graham for some ■■■■ show in the Senate as well over this.

Meanwhile while things are getting worse for trump in the sense another personal lawyer is most likely gonna be indicted. Some court cases are gonna be ruled on and then appealed by trump because his only saving grace may be scotus.


The McGahn case, which is supposed to be decided to today, would determine whether or not executive privilege extends to denying a congressional subpoena.

If the ruling comes down on the side of Congress and since it was between Congress and McGahn… would that mean that the Executive has no right to appeal?

I believe he can still appeal it. From what I’ve heard its expected to be rules in congresses favor and then appealed.

Be nice if it was just a done deal regardless.
We all know they are just gonna give non direct answers anyways.

All brought to you by the same people who brought us (and still believe in) russian collusion.

Zero credibility.

LOL, you think it is nothing? That’s what Barr is leaking to the credulous media. It won’t be nothing when Obama and Clinton are being dragged into jail screaming.

Uh huh poe somewhere else

You’re ignoring the fact his report turned into a criminal investigation, why?