FBI agents on Flynn case bought liability insurance. "if this thing ever gets FOIA’d"

So, the rank and file knew the case was corrupt, but sadly no whisper blower came forward. They just bought insurance because they knew how much the Flynn investigation stunk.

For people on the left FOIA is the freedom of information act. It’s allows citizens to investigate govt corruption. It’s why Hillary had her own server. So she could escape FOIA.


I will tell you why this is not going to go anywhere.


It has nothing to do with the crime that Flynn pled guilty to… twice.

This is once again a Sidney Powell fever dream that is going to get smacked down hard by Judge Sullivan.

Flynn should have taken his lumps and taken his sentencing… The whole thing would be over by now and he would be free to do hits on FoxNews and OAN to his heart’s content.

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BUt he was not guilty. He was being persecuted by corrupt the FBI.


Is it technically illegal for someone to by professional liability insurance?

If “no”, then there is no problem. To quote a great American “it is what it is”.


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This is more about the reason they would buy liability insurance. Not, if it’s legal. Because it’s obvious to any rational person that it is legal…

But Flynn case agent William Barnett, in his interview, contradicted that claim, suggesting it (purchase of liability insurance)was unlikely to be related to the Flynn probe because it predated the public disclosure of the matter in new reports. Barnett also said he regularly encourages colleagues to obtain professional liability insurance.

If he wasn’t guilty then why did he plead guilty twice?

Was he lying about that?

Any lawyer that practices law should have professional liability insurance.

What insurance company would write a policy for something like this?

If they thought it was going nowhere, why did they buy liability insurance?


The article I read named a few companies who specialize in liability insurance for LE. It is commonplace for LE to have liability ins thru their unions.

Because lawyers having liability insurance is actually a thing.

Still trying to make non sinister things sinister.

I’m sure someone has explained it to you 1000 times already in the past 4 years. Is this Joe Biden?

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False narrative- they didn’t run out and buy insurance- they most likely had it- because that’s common.

Ya got someone now! Lock her up!

I know it has been “explained”

The explanation is stupid on it’s face.

I relies on ignoring things like what was Junior up to that would get him into legal trouble? Or that Flynn had plenty of money from all of the many different pies he secretly had his fingers in.

The dude was secretly working for at least two outside entities… one of them foreign while working as National Security Advisor.

He is lucky that the only charge that they brought down on him was lying about making side deals with Kislyak before he was lawfully allowed to do so.


Law enforcement liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage caused by a wrongful act committed by or on behalf of a public entity while conducting law enforcement activities or operations.

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I often wonder if anyone on the left ever wants to know why Hillary kept her own server and destroyed those E-mails. Do you ever wonder why she did it?


Right- so they all have it already.

So, they didn’t have it before the Flynn case but it is a thing?