Favorite YouTube channels


I like Contrapoints, the majority report, ranzar (tanktoons), and my own channel bomberfox


Cat videos.


I can’t stop watching this guy… His last shows were trout fishing in the sierra, just like I used to do… I even bought a new fishing pole to head out for some rock fish this weekend. I’ll be on the Cambria coast.



Critical Role for the win.

Come one, let your true nerd come out.

A bunch of nerdy ass’d voice actors play D&D, they were asked to stream on twitch after their campaign at home had already been going on for two years.

(And yes thumbnail above is a purposeful retro outfitting for their campaign two they don’t normally dress like 70’s retro.)

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Another great Black Conservative…

Kevin’s Corner


Techmoan. He does videos on old A/V equipment, obsolete audio formats, or formats that never really took off, etc.

Lazy Game Reviews (LGR). Doesn’t review many games these days. It’s mostly restoring and reviewing computers from the 1980s to 2000s and talking about odd peripherals.

Accursed Farms. Set aside an afternoon and watch “Freeman’s Mind”. You’ll thank me later.

Vanoss Gaming. If you like hilarious, well edited 12 minute gaming videos and not three hour Twitch streams.

Fighter .Pl if you like Darks Souls 3 trolling videos.


I don’t go onto youtube unless I really want to just hear some music.

I was listening to the radio today, and they were talking about how this couple,
played an april fools joke on their 6 year old daughter.

They thought it would be cool to tell their daughter that they had to give their puppy
away. Of course this made the daughter cry, and ofcourse they receive a lot
of people telling them that they were stupid, and angry at them.

The worst part about it all, is that the couple was so immoraless, and so stupid,
that they didn’t realize what they had done wrong, why it was wrong, and why
people were mad at them.




Yes, amazing how stupid and insensitive many people are, but youtube is what you chose to click on. At first it’s difficult because of the infinite choices, but the more youwatch the less you enjoy regular TV with all the commercials and boring content, and the more you find things that interest you.

I find the conservative commentators on youtube hilarious. Or watching them go to lib protests and interview them…


Try The United Spot. The Ford vs Biden upload pretty funny. Too many to choose from.


Or a Mormon hating loon.


Contrapoints is one of the best.


I like to see how this lady—1987 World Gymnastics Champion—is doing in her life in the U S. Hope this video links without a problem.

Her 20 year old twins, Lucas and Marcus, are big names among you tubers. I don’t pay them much attention, though.

Aurelia’s routines in competition & her still performing at 46, though, are still enjoyable to watch on YouTube.


YouTube can be enjoyable for various psychology topics as well. This guy has his own website, www.danoconnortraining.com, and, while I don’t always agree with him, gives food for thought on how to effectively deal with various toxic individuals:

Here is one example. In another of his videos, I love his response to various coworkers being too nosy or otherwise making offensive comments: (Name), I’m surprised you’d make such a remark about me (or ask such a question), as I’ve always considered our relationship strictly professional.”



I’ve seen this guy when my son was watching YouTube in the living room.

As an ex Aviation Electronics Technician I find his stuff hilarious.

He’s an electrical (or electronic) engineer and builds stuff at home. And not always in a good way.


Wow, entertaining


I like watching Candace Owen destroy Nadler and Lieu on youtube.
or Fox News.


I been watching streetbeefs lately. Basically it’s fight club, or back yard boxing. They let any two people box or fight in the ring. The crowd is amazing. Reminds me of my lower class upbringing. But we played tackle football in the school yards.


My favorite episode of fishermen’s life. Trout fishing in deep California. The best part is near the end when a real nice local sets him up properly.