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A real nice guy fishing in northern California and the rest of Cal too. I did a lot of fishing when I lived up there too. We didn’t have to tag our abalones. So silly! After binge watching this guy I really want to get a fresh cabezon … They taste like lobster, kind of, and it’s been years since I had one. May have to get a licences and fish again…

Amazing how anyone can make high HD vids theses day, I watch youtube on my large screen TV and it’s like being with the guy… Also amazing how many hits this guy gets. Must be making buck on his channel.


Two Toes goes hunting for nuggets in the Gold country of Cal.

I did a little gold panning as a kid up around crescent city California. This guys has a small channel I watch when puts out videos. It’s just nice seeing his scenery, and you get a little gold fever. Wish I had the time to head inland for camping trip. Maybe this summer. I want to try that sniping since I’m a free diver and it gives you a reason to dive in river.

Give the old guy a few hits, so he keeps making them… Lots of guys from down under make gold panning vids. Vo gus is fun, but he does not find much…


This guys small channel give alternative views of how the sun works. I always like to see alternatives to standard science… This guy invented the modern MRI and has some interesting ideas.

The Faint Young Sun Problem!


Jay lenos garage is spectacular. He puts a video out every monday. If you like cars, this is the place to go.


Another place i like to check out is steveo1kinevo. His videos are terrific. Great editing. He is a natural and the scenery is second to none.


I almost forgot one its keep your daydream. What a fun family. They travel everywhere. They give tips with camping, where to go . They do a fabulous job with giving out so much information.


I should have put him up myself… great show…


Roadkill… If you grew up with old cars and had to work on them, you’ll like theses guys…


Dems telling why they left the party…

#WalkAway Campaign


Amazing Lucas always has something funny to say about liberals and media…


Jon Miller is Cool. Lot’s of great interviews and commentary…


#Walkaway is the best. Led to the biggest Democratic victory since Watergate.

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Mark Wien
Avananced RV
RV Geeks
Acoustic Trench
Living Big in A Tiny House
Laura in the Kitchen
Long Long Honeymoon
Grand Adventure


Clinton and Obama lost more seats than Trump did…


I like Jericho Green’s conservative chanel too. But he’s got a foal mouth, so I can’t post a link.
But he’s lots of fun…



And The Thunderbolt project…

They have good work on how the old theory of comets is falling apart as we actually see them up close in space. Not a dusty snow ball that brought all the water to earth. However, I kind of doubt Saturn was our old sun, and Venus is a new planet in our solar system.


That was then and this is now. And what does that have to do with #Walkaway being or not being completely fraudulent?


Yes, thanks …"once you see it, you can’t unsee it’… Best line in the video.


Marc Dice is always good for a laugh if you are conservative or Libertarian


Tony Heller will keep you informed on the climate hoax…

The Imaginary Climate Crisis