Favorite Super Bowl Ads?

My Faves are:
The Alexa99 ad
Kia’s robot dog ad
Chevrolet Sopranos ad
MetaQuest ad
Michelob Ultra bowling ad

I thought this year’s ads were a poor crop.

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game of throne trailer was good.

Wasn’t that for a Lord of the Rings prequel?

they played the older house of dragon ad too, both looked decent.

Sopranos !!!

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a lot of ads for electric cars.

I’ve eaten at the restaurant she drives to.

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Anyone have a link to the ads, and just the ads? (Everything I find includes the “influencer’s” commentary and opinion.)

Since I barely saw any of the game at all, I wanted to see the ads for myself.

This one stole the show…

Politicizing football?? HA HA HA HA HA

Valley landscaping…l pass that everyday.


So have quite a few people…lol


You’re a lucky man.

I think i caught a goof… when Tony got on the Tpk he grabbed the entry ticket. When Meadow drives through the same toll (getting on) the sign says “EZ Pass Paid”. I don’t drive the Tpk as much as I used too (thank God), but when you get on, doesn’t the sign say “Go”?

At first i thought showing the EZ Pass sign was was a great revision to the original, but now it bugs me.

eta- asking @Toll_Collector

Yes. EZ-Pass paid is only on exit. Getting on should say Go EZ-Pass. Or Go, No tag read.

Another thing about that commercial. When she arrives at her destination and plugs in her car in front of that famous restaurant, all CGI. Those charging stations do not exist at that location.

This one hands down.

Sketchers used Willie Nelson, and Twitter didn’t explode?

Color me shocked.

I was expecting at least some kind of reaction about it LOL. Nothing.

I agree. I don’t watch football, but we were able to stream the ads the next day. Not one would I call a standout, not funny, memorable or clever. Talked to DD the next day who watched the game with friends, she said their reaction was pretty much the same.