Favorite Players

Who are some of your favorite players, of any sports, past or present?

Michael Jordan.

Patrick Roy.

Walter Payton.

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Just from my research Walter Payton was pretty bada**

One of the most complete RBs in history.

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Baseball- Roberto Clemente (Amazing human being inside/outside baseball)
Basketball- Magic Johnson (The best all around player of all time)
Football- Kurt Warner (great underdog story)
Hockey- Hockey sucks :sunglasses:
Soccer- Pele
Boxing- Alexis Arguello

Favorite running back- Walter Payton

There will forever be a spot on my favorites list for Kurt Warner. He gave Cardinals fans their best memories.

He’s a good guy as well.

Stop that.

Kurt Warner was a great QB. It really sucks that he was so underrated.
I do like Michael Jordan, but people give him thee credit for saving the NBA.
To me, it was Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Just kidding. I’ll delete my thread.

Louisiana Lightning.

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You are 100% correct, Magic/Bird literally saved the NBA. 8 championships in one decade between these two. I’m glad i witnessed tgese games.

I’ll have to give the edge to Emmitt Smith, but Walter impressed me too.

Let me tell you something about Payton. I was watching the Lions play the Bears on Thanksgiving day. Peyton takes a sweep for a 99 yard touchdown and it gets called back on a penalty. Most people don’t remember this because it didn’t count. But I do. No one came close to him.

I really like Rafael Nadal(Rafa). He’s very honorable.
He plays hard and gives it his best every time out.

Same thing for STL Rams fans. F the Rams now, but the ‘99 Rams gave me some wonderful memories.

My current favorite baseball player is Yadier Molina. That dude is incredible. When he first came up, he was nails defensively but an awful batter. Then he became a good hitter, but only hit like 1 or 2 home runs a year. Now he has 12 home runs already and is hitting for a decent average, while still being a awesome defensively and one of the all time greats at calling a game for the pitchers.

Aaron Rodgers, lebron james

Aaron Judge.

It should be interesting to see how he does over the next few years

Football: Dan Marino. Actually saw his first ever NFL game. The Dolphins were getting crushed and shutout by the Raiders so rookie Marino was put into the game in the 4th quarter. He led the team on two drives which resulted in two TD’s. It was too little too late but it was a sign of things to come and he soon took over the starting job. Shame he never got a ring.

Baseball: Back when I actually cared about baseball I followed the Braves (but haven’t in nearly 20 years). If you forced me to pick a player I suppose I’d pick Tom Glavine or Greg Maddux or John Smoltz. Maybe Dale Murphy though the team was pretty awful in his era.

NHL: Joe Sakic. Used to follow the Avalanche and he was my favorite player.

NBA: Toughest one to pick. Literally my favorite team is whoever plays the Lakers. So I guess my favorite player has to be a nemesis of the Lakers which leads me to Larry Bird or Isaiah Thomas. In my teens I was a fan of the Bad Boy Pistons so I guess I go with Isaiah Thomas EXCEPT I like to be a contrarian so therefore I go with Bill Laimbeer since he was so hated by everyone except Piston fans.

He’s in the Hall of Fame. How is he underrated? I absolutely love Warner as a player but underrated is the last thing I’d use to describe him.