Favorite Conspiracy Theories

Even if you dont believe them, what are your favorite conspiracy theories? Mine is the moon landing being filmed at area 51. Its one of those theories that on the surface, no pun intended, is very plausible. Due to sputnik the US government launched a psychological campaign to convince the world we were the prime space super power. At the same time, I also believe we have incredibly smart and insane engineers that dont need to play those silly games - they got it done for real. USA USA.

Btw space exploration is insane

This is one of mine as well. So many things point to that they didn’t go.

Moon landing is a good one. I don’t believe it, but it’s fun to read about.
Kennedy assassination still produces some good ones- example: It was engineered by Jackie and Rev. Billy Graham because of JFKs adultery.

Michael Jordan’s secret suspension in 1993 because of gambling is one of my favorites.

What exactly is the idea with this…? That NBA caught him gambling and hid his suspension?

He was betting on practically everything including basketball, so the NBA had to suspend but couldn’t risk losing all the revenue associated with him. His father was also murdered because of his gambling debts.

It’s a fun and almost believable conspiracy theory. Plus it explains why on Earth her would try to be a baseball player.

I like the one about the government spreading chemicals around the country via airplanes. Chemtrails? It feels like it’s been around since I was a kid, maybe because all you have to do is look up on a sunny day and see an airplane going by, spreading “mysterious chemicals.”


Have you seen the 30 for 30 “jordan rides the bus” episode? Its really good



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Compassionate conservatism.

No signs point to us not having gone.

Don’t be silly.

Considering what the govt did during the Tuskegee syphilis experiment I don’t think its that far fetched.

The only way it could be plausible is if the Russians were in on it since they would know if we sent something there.

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Thats a good point ive never heard

Confirmed by weather man

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Not just the Russians.

My uncle was an amateur astronomer with some pretty good equipment.

He would track the flights from the ground as they were happening. I of course was too young to remember this, but my older brothers would watch with him.

I’m sure we’ll hear how the US went to the trouble of sending unmanned spacecraft on the exact routes real manned flights to the moon would follow.

It’s not one of my most favorite conspiracies.

It’s a dumb conspiracy believed only by those who wish to remain willfully ignorant.

The only thing better than birtherism is Donald claiming he resolved it.

Qanon is becoming my favorite. the Q army is on Twitter today claiming there will be mass arrests at the Grammy’s tonight connected with Hillary’s pedo ring.

Now QAnon I like because I know it’s a centralized conspiracy where some small group of individuals is trolling ignorant people.

That is an excellent prank.

One which makes me chuckle is that Obama is a secret Muslim who was according to the conspiracy theorists on this forum going to make the United States part of some global Caliphate, and the theory that he was going to take away the 2A.

Many posters on this forum were convinced of this and told us so several times from 2008 onwards.

These same posters are now all Trump supporters and believe in the next big conspiracy which is Obama heads up some ultra covert deep state organization that is the reason why Trump cannot move more quickly with his MAGA agenda. The deep state is also connected to the swamp and the DC elites. Who these people are tends to change depending on who Trump likes on any given day.

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