Favorite Cigar to relax with

Not sure if this is right place to ask this but here goes. What do we all like in the way of cigars? I am currently enjoying one of Hiram & Solomons veiled prophet. Mild a d a good tight smoke. What’s yours?

Favorite cigar is an oxymoron. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never smoked, in any form, though my family on my mother’s side were smoking fiends, primarily cigarettes, but a couple of pipe smokers. Can’t remember any cigar smokers.

I was in the Army when it was still legal to smoke indoors. Our battalion Command Sergeant Major smoked the most godawful cigars. Damn things would knock you on your ass. :smile:

But in the work place over the years since, I really can’t recall any cigar smokers. They obviously exist but I can’t recall any colleagues that smoke cigars.

I see fancy cigars and cigar accessories in places I shop for upscale alcohol, but that is about it.

I will just say that I prefer to relax with a nice sipping scotch or whiskey.

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I love a good stick on Friday nights. My “go to” stick is the Gurkha Royal Challenge. I also buy LaGloria, Romeo Y Julieta, Arturo Fuente’, Davidoff and Aston Heritage. Good sticks and reasonably priced. Tried Cohiba but wasn’t impressed, I like the Macanudo better.

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Does a big fat Marley from Willy’s reserve count?:sunglasses:

Freud would have much to say.

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