Fauci Tells Congress He and Trump Worked Together and Agree on COVID-19

Fauci stated in Congress that Trump’s early actions in restricting traffic from China and Europe saved lives.
Further, he went on to state that he and Trump were "in agreement on virtually all of these (decisions).

So…does this mean that Democrats will drop their erstwhile pandemic hero? The option is to admit that they went way out on a fake limb, along with their media, in attacking Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

“So, I know we’ve heard a lot about disagreements,” Scalise said, “and clearly there are many decisions made. In fact, there are many, very internationally respected doctors that are involved in each of those decisions … by and large, would you say that you and President Trump have been in agreement on most of those decisions?”
Fauci responded: “We were in agreement on virtually all of those.”
For months, pundits have speculated about a rift between Trump and Fauci as the latter’s national profile has risen during the pandemic."



is Trump going to stop attacking him now?

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Fauci stated he agreed with everything Trump’s done, or just the early response? The thread title suggests the former.

I certainly hope so. He should, IMO, have always left the technical discussions up to the technical professionals. I would say Trump’s tweets have been that great, but Fauci agrees that the decisions made were the right ones.
There is a difference.

Excellent point. Thank you.

Trying to help out. If you don’t want to fix then that’s just on you.

You knew that was never going to happen.

But it did happen. Trump has done everything doable that the good doctor said needed doing.


There is a difference between discussions in twitter and decisions that are actually implemented. IMO, its the implementation of decisions, not the tweets, that are important.

Like politicizing masks? Downplaying the severity of the disease? Holding mass rallies?

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As recently as last Tuesday Trump said he disagrees with Fauci:

“The current state is really not good,” the highly respected Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in a Facebook and Twitter livestream on Monday.

“We are still knee deep in the first wave” of COVID-19 infections," he said.

Trump, speaking Tuesday in a TV interview, disagreed with Fauci, a key player on the White House’s own Coronavirus Task Force.

“I think we are in a good place,” the president said in an interview on the “Full Court Press” news show hosted by a former Fox News anchor, adding: “I disagree with him.”

“Dr. Fauci said don’t wear masks, now he says wear them,” he continued, adding that the immunologist has “said numerous things” that according to Trump were bad advice.

So either Fauci has lied to Congress, or there’s context behind what he told them.

Is Trump arguing against masks? I haven’t heard that one.
Yes, Trump has always been taking the most optimistic view…and it hasn’t turned out that way. That’s what I was talking about the difference between the tweeting and decisions.
On rallies, we pretty much see that it has been Trump that has come around to Fauci, the CDC and to reality as it turned out. Thus, the cancelling of Jacksonville and back to Charlotte…with its social distancing practices.
As the facts came it, it looks to me like Trump has pretty much been in line with the actual decisions of Fauci and the CDC.

Trump saying we are in a good place…but going along in moving the convention back to Charlotte and social distancing, is what I was talking about in the difference between his tweets and the implementation.
What you describe is not a difference in implementation but a difference with what a “good place” is. As far as the possibility of a vaccine in the near future, they both seem to think we are “in a good place”.

BTW, I love those images Yahoo always selects of Trump. Always scowling, or has his mouth open, or such. Hilarious.

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democrats politicized his not wearing one when he had no medical reason to do so. The CDC itself downplayed the virus and mask wearing early on. And Democrats have no problem with mass gatherings if the purpose is one they agree with.

Twitter is mind destruction. It’s horrible.

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No, he has been consistent. It’s a personal choice. Distance.

Full concur.

Twitter and Facebook and Instagram are addictive products that drive depression.

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Trump/Pence 2020 - “But Democrats Do It Tooooo!”

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