Fauci Says OK To Vote In Person

Is it in his hands?

The guy was identified in the article. Some crony.

No, it isn’t in his hands. He might have just taken a sip and put it down for a few seconds.

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Should be ok though, because… you know… the thing.


You don’t trust the USPS?

I haven’t decided yet.

Let’s sip together honey!

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Obviously, somebody was still looking, lol


yes. just like when i go to wallmart

i’m ok with that

there is no subterfuge in the OP title

haha ouch

that has never not been true

hence the absentee vote

what’s a shame is that theres fraud prone voting now

I live in jersey, won’t have to hassle the lines. Just pop the ballot into a selected ballot box nearby.


and let trump haters take it from there

Jersey has switched with mail ballots to all with an option to vote in person if they want to.

Voters choice.


I think that jersey was going biden, no matter what method is used.

Jersey people for the most part can’t stand the president.


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I always vote in person.

and this is about a half a light year beside the point.

Yeah, but PANDEMIC!

I’ll walk over broken glass to vote trump out of office.
Are you voting via mail?


Would you at least put something down over the glass?