Fauci ignorantly asserts racism contributes to higher corona death rate among blacks


In making this absurd claim, which instigates racial hatred and friction, Fauci goes on to identify underlying medical conditions which actually account for a higher death rate among corona victims without regard to race ____ high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease and kidney disease. Of course, Fauci, our supposed fountain of all knowledge, leaves out blood type and a person’s genetic factor as also contributing, in a big way, to a higher mortality rate among corona victims.

Getting back to the actual medical conditions cited by Fauci ___ high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease and kidney disease ___ which are identifiable conditions among the vast majority of corona victims, and obviously includes Blacks, such conditions are in many cases, self-inflicted. Racism does not cause one to smoke, drink use drugs or eat junk foods. Nor does racism prevent individuals from exercising, which dramatically reduces the onset of the medical conditions cited by Fauci.

The bottom line is, for Fauci to make such an unnecessary and outlandish assertion, especially when racial tensions are running so high, and his words can be used by our Fifth Column Media to agitate more racial tension, Fauci not only shows his unprofessionalism, but establishes his lack of common sense.


Our country is infested with a Fifth Column movement at MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC., and their countless Yellow Journalists, who work hand in hand with the Democrat Party socialist/communist leadership to paralyze and destroy our free market, free enterprise system.

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Healthy equity is a real thing.


Could not have said it better.

Why are so many dimocrats running and living in polluted heat-island, food-deserts??

Not to mention plague infested.

Why would this raise racial tensions? Does all talk about race issues raise tensions?

Lol. Gee can’t imagine why telling people they are dying at a higher rate due to racism could cause racial tension eh?

Black people are already aware of the disparities Fauci points out. Why would hearing a truth they already know raise their tensions?



They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. The Democrat Party Leadership is infested with notoriously evil communists and socialists who delude, lure and addict our nations needy with free government cheese used to buy votes which keeps the needy and underprivileged enslaved and dependent.

You know, lib academics. They are poor, because racism, not because they made bad choices, therefore any health disparity of outcome is also because they are poor and there you have it, they are unhealthy not because they chose not to exercise and eat badly. But because racists.


What is that?

by new standards, if there is a difference THAT IS RACISM by definition.

go to chicago and tell the thugs they are killing their own. They already are aware of it, so you should be fine.

If he actually said that he needs to be fired and driven out of medicine altogether.

The reason it’s disproportionately affecting blacks is simple, the co morbidities common in blacks and particularly black males.

If they want to blame someone blame God because it’s a matter of genetics and aggravated by their life choices, not “institutional or systemic” racism.

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There is no “truth” in his statement.

Blacks are disproportionately effected due to their genetics and poor life/health choices.

I understand that there is a difference in sickle cell anemia rates between white and black. No doubt racism is behind that too.

Exactly, hypertension, prostate cancer, diabetes, kidney disease. Just to name a few. And why. They don’t have the same access to good medical services.

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To stoke fear!
These people are sick!

Well that certainly isn’t true. All of those diseases are related to life choices and genetics, you get them whether you have access to unlimited medical care or not.


Why do white people have those problems also? Asians?

It’s a BS baseless claim.

Blacks have plenty of access to health care, what they also have that aggravates the problem is their genetics and poor life choices.

Sickle Cell for example is actually a survival positive in Africa and is Geneitic.

Malaria cannot survive well in someone who has sickle cell because of the lack of oxygenation. Those who have it in areas where Malaria is endemic are more likely to survive long enough to reproduce than those who do not.