Fauci amendment no more health 'dictator in chief'

Rand Paul has my standing ovation. Let’s get rid of that little weasel, Ouchie Fauci… thank you Senator Paul…

“If Dr. Fauci says masks work, it must be true!” the fake-news fact-checkers all screamed in unison. Let’s try to get back to normal.

Oh by the way, Let’s Go Brandon


Rand Paul… expanding government.


Here we go again. Read the article, Mr. Jezcoe so we can have an intelligent discussion.

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There’s nothing to discuss.

First of all, it’s a false argument that Fauci had “dictatorial power”.

Second of all, Rand Paul gave us no idea how these “three institutions” (which is expanded government, because each new person is of course going to want a staff, and they will grow) is supposed to work.

The article was nothing more than the typical political grievance list of his own cherry-picked “scientific” arguments.

So there’s no meat here.


I did.

Rand Paul is riding this nonsense for votes.

The fact that he cited to highly flawed Johns Hopkins study on the lockdowns shows to me that Paul is much more concerned with reinforcing his own ideological thinking than forming any real actual policy.

For him, Dr. Fauci is an easy target for him and his base because it is reliant upon ignorance.

Like take for example the complaint about sending children back to school.

What powers do Dr. Fauci possess that kept States and localities from opening up schools before they did open? The answer is none.

If Sen Paul wanted to talk about a Federal response to opening up schools in late 2020 he certainly could have been a part of that conversation… his party was in control of the Senate and Executive Branch at the time… what did he propose to done about it?

This is simply more political nonsense from Sen Paul on an issue that is rapidly entering the rearview mirror and will no longer be available for fundraising much longer.

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Hmmm. To much CNN?

Is this what you call “intelligent discussion”?


Just take Fauci’s testimony to Congress, then compare it to the reality of whether or not he lied? Check the website and see if the definition of “gain of function” was changed when he got caught lying? Then prosecute him with the laws, if any, he broke? It will be the most highly watched trial in our nation’s history.


If there is nothing to discuss you should not post anything in this thread. Seems like you believe there is nothing except your notions and the Fauci narrative. Bye Bye Bro.

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+10 Smyrna

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I accept the surrender.

According to CNN and Pfizer’s Bourla you better get your 4th vaccine.

On the contrary, I provided useful information of what is missing and needs to be provided before anything can be discussed.

See how that works?

The final clue something should be done was when Fauci declared himself to be the Science.


What laws did HE break?

I understand this need to put a face to things…it’s human psychology, especially when “bad things” happen, to want to find a “person to blame”.

Science doesn’t work that way.

But of course, your years of selling cars of trumps my 30 years of actually doing science.

Attacks on me are attacks on science.


He knew cloth masks don’t work. He knows it now.

Yet, people are still walking around with them and some schools are still requiring them.

Given the information in the video in the accompanying article, would it not behoove Fauci/CDC to dispel the general public from what they believe is a protection?

Children have to build their immune systems, masking them isn’t going to help do that. What will the long term effects to their health/immune system be if we keep treating them like they belong in a sterile bubble?


Except cloth masks do work, not great, but better than most people actually expected.

Children’s immune systems are not going to be compromised by a few hours of mask wearing…it’s a ridiculous assertion, and we were never going to ask them to do it forever.

Please explain to me your background in immunology so that I should take your word over the people I work with every single day.

Back in 2020 the media treated Fauci like everyone’s favorite uncle and swallowed every word he uttered. There was no chink in his armor until he was pictured at the Nationals game maskless between two other attendees. He was seen as the subject matter expert, and no matter how inconsistent the “conspiracy theorists” found his suggestions, governments imposed them as if he was the pope.

Who was President at the time?

Please refresh my memory…