Father of sexual assault victim arrested in Loudoun

I was under the impression that the individual controlling the mic was the superintendent? The whole school board knew of the rape accusation but denied it in that meeting, inciting the father to act out and rightfully so. This isn’t my area but IMO…if possible, they should charged for that.

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Uh oh.

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Uh oh, what? The sheriff thinks the school district enabled the boy by sending him to another school.

I agree. This isn’t some kind of shocking revelation.

…and they incited the victim’s father into a rage by lying that there was no rape, even though they were fully aware that it had occurred…all to push their radical, transgender agenda. It is my hope that they are punished by any laws they broke or are at least sued civilly.

We’ve been over this. There isn’t any evidence or reporting that the father was incited that night by the superintendents statement.

Step into his shoes…your daughter was raped…you went to the school meeting and addressed the board…they denied it ever happened…now…tell me about yourself at that moment in time…

I haven’t seen any reporting that the father addressed the school board that night. HIS OWN ACCOUNT of that night details an altercation with another parent and not the board members. If you’ve seen other reporting please share.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

The evidence is staring you in the face. Open your eyes.

Like actual evidence or imaginary, “make myself feel better about my own biases” evidence? Cause I’d prefer to see the former if you have it.

Remove your blinders and open your eyes. The evidence is staring you in the face.

Cool. Share a link if you have one.

There are several already posted in this thread. Pick one.

Round Rock, Texas. I believe they were arrested in their homes? Spent the night in jail.

Not a police state.

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I didn’t know people got charged for these kind of requests.

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Yes, if it is over a certain amount of pages etc. you get charged by the page.

I can’t remember what our agency cut off was, but even if people went over most times we waived the fee as it was still minimal. We never charged for the time required to get the information as that was considered part of the job.

If there was gong to be a fee charged they were notified first to see if the request to could be narrowed down to save sending information and charging for copies of things not actually needed.

I think the school is going overboard on this and is using the system to keep parents from availing themselves of FOIA.

These guys do not get the benefit of the doubt after how they have acted.


Foia requests are chargeable. Depends on state law but it’s usually per page for copying.

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Ah, the push back continues.

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