Farm bailouts now twice as costly as the auto bailouts

Healthcare for all makes this look like penny’s.

Pesky facts

Pennies Grasshopper, Pennies.

“We can’t drill our way out of this problem”. :rofl::joy::rofl:

Oh my God.

Ignorance is killing our country.

China isn’t paying 1 cent of tariffs. Americans are paying.


Enough with the factsd

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As has been stated and proven over and over and over and even admited to by this very admin senior fiance aides…

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Nope, they do a CPI for it but it is not included in their core inflation calculation. Your link is to the CPI-U, not the core inflation index. Generally, when people are talking about the rate of inflation they are talking about the core inflation rate as the CPI-u is extremely volatile with large seasonal variability.

Actually most people don’t use core CPI

the “tariff fee” that is included in my companies steel purchases proves you are wrong…

China approves wheat, soy imports from Russia

It also approved soybean imports from all parts of Russia, the General Administration of Customs said in a separate statement on its website, having all but halted U.S. soy imports as the trade dispute between Beijing and Washington deepened.

China was the top buyer of U.S. soybeans until Beijing slapped a 25% tariff on shipments last year in response to U.S. tariffs on a range of Chinese products.

Sad and unnecessary.

If a Chinese product is $100 and we slap a $15 tariff on it, so they drop there price to $85 so the product is still $100… who’s paying the tariff since the Chinese are making $15 less profit per sale?

Yeah… those pesky facts.

Bailouts are considered cool with Trump as President. Golfing and yearly deficits over a trillion dollars are also considered cool with Trump as President.

Due to Trump. Anyone think this will reverse?

Facts are not fair.

They already gave up on Soy and Pork.

China could not get their demand met elsewhere and the prices were skyrocketing.


Due to the recent increase in tariffs, DJI has updated pricing for its products in the United States. We take many factors into account when recommending retail prices in different countries around the world, including tariff applications, tax rates and currency exchange fluctuations. We follow all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where we operate and will continue to work toward making drone and handheld products more accessible to the world while supporting the many existing customers that use DJI technology daily.”

I build my own ultra long range drones from parts for pennies on the dollar for what one of those costs.

You’re paying more because DJI figures they have that particular market wrapped up tight. You could build a similar drone from parts off HobbyKing for about $500, it would just be missing the pretty looking molded shell.

But hey. If you want to spend an extra $1k for a piece of injection molded plastic to make it look pretty, knock yourself out.

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Yeah, but did they prove it? Where’s the link? /sarcasm