Farm bailouts now twice as costly as the auto bailouts

Then where is the inflation? China adjusted the prices so as not to lose market share. There has been no significant increase in wholesale or consumer prices resulting from the tariffs.

It’s costing the Chinese, not US consumers in contrast to Obama’s tire tariffs which shocked the prices for three years shooting them up through the roof and dramatically reduced availability.

So you’d rather have that money going to China rather then USA farmers, is that right? The amount of money subsidizing farmers during the contentious renegotiation trade agreements with China is the same, if not less, amount that China would have gotten.

So take your pick, are you pro China or pro American?

weve put tariffs on about 250B in chinese goods. (not including the ones scheduled for september 1) at a 25% tariff thats about 63B in added costs to the US. in a 20T economy that wont have much of an effect on inflation especially when its been offset by falling gasoline prices…

so i guess your pro socialism…

You haven’t shown where that has translated to a rise in consumer prices. The Chinese even announced they were going to manipulate the prices to keep from losing market share and US importers announced they’d hold back on price increases as well.

So how exactly are consumers suffering or paying the tab?

There is no socialism involved unless you’re referring to Communist China.

It’s due to our actions that farm prices suffered so it’s perfectly reasonable for those responsible to pay the tab.

jp morgan estimates that the tariffs have cost americans an average of 1k a year.
in addition a lot of retailers havent raised prices and insted have been absorbing teh cost increases,reducing their margins

even trump has admited his tariffs are costing americans money,which is why he delayed some so as not to hurt chirstmas

if i buy for example a chinese made drone and pay a higher price due a tariff,and some of that tariff money is handed to farmers thats pretty much teh textbook definition of socialism

Time to buy some Con Agra,Bayer, ADM, etc.

Estimates, where are the actual numbers, they sure aren’t showing up in any of the economic indicators.

Remember when conservatives opposed tarrifs?

No, you aren’t paying more for your drone and no, the gov’t created the drop in commodity prices and they are therefore responsible for evening the field while the trade issues are worked out.

They opposed Democrat imposed tariffs. Democrats want to destroy the economy and they’ll use tariffs to do so. Republicans love America, so any tariffs they implement are going to be to make America great. It’s all about intent.

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If anything you’re benefiting from the trade war because low commodity prices directly relate to lower food prices at the store since low commodity prices keep the cost of feeding animals artificially low.

The difference is that China has been screwing us for two decades in trade and the payoff is more open markets and more opportunities for jobs here at home when it’s over.

so you’re admitting you’re pro socialism too

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Then buy a Korean made drone and thank your local farmer for the lower cost of food.

Umm gasoline prices don’t go into the inflation basket.

yes they do.
heres the components