Farm bailouts now twice as costly as the auto bailouts

remember back in 2009 when cons were in an uproar over the bailout of teh us auto industry?
i remember cons here swearing up and down they would never buy another GM car . After all that was socialism in action.
well the farm bailouts due to trumps trade war with china have now cost twice what the auto bailouts did.

i guess we can expect cons to start swearing off buying ag products now…

Wow! I did not see that coming.

Personally I dislike farm subsidies for the same reasons.

I also think the subsidies are used more as an inflation control than to keep farmers afloat. Without the subsidies, food products would cost more and the published inflation figures would be higher.

I don’t really view it as a partisan issue as both sides have been doing it forever. Doesn’t make it right for either side, but it is what it is.

Socialism is cool when it is Ol’ MacDonald.

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That’s it - boycotting American food!

Difference being, US trade policy didn’t cause GM to fail. They managed that on their own.

I’ll look. I thought the “staple” foods were included. Like milks, eggs, and the like.

At least the farm bailout because of the Trump tariffs are for something worthwhile; China is suffering bigly from of the Trump Trade War, which we are winning, by the way. Obama trying to save the economy by bailing out the Automobile industry was wasteful spending.

Psst, Bush bailed out the auto industry, not Obama.

Since we’re collecting the tariffs no, it’s not.

You mean tax on the American consumer? Those tariffs ?


Look, that wealth aint gonna redistribute itself.


No, just our government’s refusal to regulate over the counter derivatives evaporating forty percent of the world’s wealth practically overnight.

You still opposed it.

To right mate

China pays the tariffs and has been offsetting the cost so as to not lose market share.

If we were paying them we’d have seen a significant spike in inflation which has yet to occur.

Damn right I did.

Both did actually. “Cash for Clunkers” which really did nothing but kill the used auto parts market for most of six years and force billions to go overseas to buy new and rebuilt auto parts instead.

Yes there was a payoff to the auto companies as well with the subsidies but it severely hurt consumers and auto recyclers here in the US.

You think this is how tariffs work? Alrighty, then.


china doesnt pay the tarrifs.
americans do