Far left Liberals new logic:Rioters are still peaceful protestors

On twitter.

If you are attacking Alyssa Milano right now for calling the police on someone shooting an air gun, but were silent when President Trump called in the military to shoot peaceful protestors with rubber bullets and tear gas, then you are a freaking hypocrite.

The crazy far liberals on twitter are still going with the nonsense when Trump decided to send in the military to stop the rioters somehow they are still viewing them as “Peaceful Protestors”

And somehow anyone criticizing Alyssa Milano right now for calling the police on someone shooting an air gun while she is a big defund advocate a hypocrite.

Yes far left liberals i am sure those people that were rioting were just very peaceful protesting right? how long are they going to be believing that nonsense?

Trump wasn’t going to send in the federal troops to shoot them with rubber bullets but weren’t they supposed to send in because leftist mayors were failing the job and ordered the police to be on stand down orders?

Clearly the police failed their jobs by not arresting those who were rioting oh i am sorry i mean those very very peaceful protestors.

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I’m pretty sure they are talking about the people in Lafayette Square, who WERE peacefully protesting but were chased away so Trump could go across the street and have a photo op in front of a church.


Yes, let’s lump in those who are peacefully protesting with the rioters who are causing the problems. Seems perfectly logical to me.

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Then why aren’t the peaceful protesters running off the rioters who are diluting the protesters message?

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Ummm - because they’re afraid of getting attacked?


Yes, let’s ignore the rioters and looters and pretend like they don’t exist and aren’t related to the cause. Can’t have any of the protestors tarnished by those rioting and looting… right?


That’s not at all what my post said.

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What was your point? That they can’t and shouldn’t be associated? Because that makes no sense.

Probably not to a Trump supporter.


This is a major problem with this country right now.

Everything Trump supporters do is bad and they all deserve to be lumped together. Protestors and rioters and looters? No no no! They’re completely separate! You’re right, that’s exactly what’s wrong with this country now.


MSM:Remember this is not rioting its just mostly peaceful protesting.

But what is happening in the country and the destruction is not caused by Trump supporters though. Its a bit ironic how the proud boys i suppose? baited antifa/blm into a none existent rally.

Headed for the suburbs.

This will not end well for the rioters

Does this transitive property in play, above, mean everyone protesting a certain type of clinic is precisely an ericrudolph?

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Is this D-list actress donating to help fund the rioters ?

I remember during May and June they were rising funds for the ““Peaceful Protestors””

More like birds of a feather flock together.

By design…by design.

a willing human shield for a terrorist is a terrorist

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Especially if they try it in a red city/state.