Far-left and Far-right armed protester meet in Louisville

apparently a misnomer

Yes, unarmed protesters. 135 guns is nothing in protests two orders of magnitude larger. That’s why Chicago cops feel safe enough to act like this.


How do you know he wasn’t using a laser?

Nah, not really.

Why hasn’t the CPD made itself accountable to the public they serve and justified that violence?

Ask the mayor, they work for her.

Yes, really. If any one of those tear-gassed protesters picked up one of the containers and threw it back, they would be arrested for assault.

So what? You think you get to do that?

It’s absurd. Like anyone is going to let themselves choke on teargas.

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Meh. Another day.

Not happening in my neighborhood. Not happening in most neighborhoods.

Just in the dem/lefists hoods.


Ugh…NFAC on one side and the Three Percent Militia on the other. Opposite sides of the same horrible coin.


It be nice if we would go back to the days of ignoring the fringe instead of giving them the biggest microphone. I think anyone paying attention knows it’s only a matter of time some mass violent act will happen.