Far-left and Far-right armed protester meet in Louisville

armed protesters from both sides meet in Louisville today for around of protest and counter protest, so far three people have been shot accidentally.

“All involved are members of the NFAC and there are no outstanding suspects,” Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert Schroeder said, in a statement. “This is a tragic situation that could have been much worse. I encourage anyone choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights to do so responsibly.”

Two of those shot were reportedly transported away on stretchers and then via ambulance to a nearby hospital. None of those injured by the friendly fire episode sustained life-threatening injuries.

Dumb asses can’t run their own guns.

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thanks for relaying more news

as far as im concerned this is more proof that one needs to arm ones self

The shootings are sad, but otherwise, I like this story. The children did great earlier, but we all saw how much cops respected that.

Now it’s time for the armed elements of the left to come out.

They did.

What children?

The unarmed protesters who got beat up for two months. Those crowds are who I’m referring to when I say children.

Who beat up unarmed protestors?

The police did. Everywhere.

So the protestors weren’t rioting, looting, and burning buildings down?

Uh, no.

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Unarmed protestors?

More than half of those arrests were related to criminal conduct tied to looting and destruction of property, officials said. Officers recovered 135 guns and made 62 arrests on gun-related offenses, officials said.

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Wait. I thought you didn’t like citizens exercising their second amendment rights.

It appears the ND and the 3 “victims” are all from NFA militia warriors.

With great 2nd Amendment power comes the responsibility to know what the hell they’re doing.

Watch the gun banners now. This is why we can’t have nothing nice.

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Absolutely. Irresponsible idiots.

This would be tragic if it weren’t so funny.

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I hear the theme from ‘The good the bad and the ugly’

What does NFA stand for?

The “Not ■■■■■■■ Around Coalition”. Black extremists.

Yes. Lafayette Park. One of many examples.