Fake SEAL Pleads Guilty to Stolen Valor, Stealing from VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs is just as guilty as the dirt bag Richard Meleski as far as I am concerned.

How the ■■■■ do you hand out $300,000 of free healthcare without even checking this guys credentials!!!

The guy claimed to be a Navy Seal, claimed the Silver Star, claimed to have rescued other soldiers, claimed to have been a prisoner of war and claimed PTSD. In reality, the piece of ■■■■ never served a day in his life in any branch of the military. The lowlife even presented obituaries of fallen real service members saying that he was associated, when reality was he never knew any of them.

I ROUTINELY check the military records of job applicants to see if their claimed service is real. If they lie, their resumes get forwarded to Federal, State and local law enforcement.

I do this routinely, yet the DVA let this guy run up $300,000 of benefits (and squeeze ahead of real military service members on the priority service list) before somebody finally caught on.

As far as I am concerned, those responsible at the DVA should share the same jail cell with Meleski.

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VA is a mess they have warehouses of paperwork that need to be sorted and digitized, its extremely easy for someone who knows how to scam such a system to do so.

You have no earthly idea what it is like to work in or through the VA system.

You couldn’t possibly have any experience with it.

My statement is based on the OIG audit from 2019.


Then produce the quote from same.

Go to YouTube and look up Don Shipley. I think you’ll enjoy his videos.


You are correct mostly. Many of the paper records were transferred to microfiche, which is of course not much better.

Record keeping from the 80s or 90s back was not great. And then there is the human performance aspect along with the sheer volume of the last 20 years.

I suspect the later one served, the better records there are. I certainly hope so.

It doesn’t surprise me he got over.

There was a guy claimed to have been a prior service SEAL in the company next door to mine. I actually went to part of the Q course with the ■■■■ bag. He was on a Team for months before they figured it out. He was in the Navy before, but he weren’t no SEAL.