Fake Patriotism from a Fake President for Fake Fans

Even by the low standards of this administration, Trumps last minute “Patriot event” was a humiliating disaster.

Watch and marvel as Trump shows he clearly doesn’t know the words to God Bless America:

And as for these supposed Eagles fans? Well, about that…

Yep. Welcome to the Trump Era: Fake Patriotism for Fake Fans.

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Staff error. They didn’t put it on a teleprompter for him to read. Bad staff.

how do you not know the word to your own national he has been singing that song for like 70 years.

TDS in full swing.


My bet is that he knows the words to “Why don’t we do it in the road”.


Trump made this news with his press conference.

Oh come on. If Obama did that demonstration you would be on him like white on rice.

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Sorry…I didn’t bother with trivial ■■■■.

Bull ■■■■. That’s all you and your fellow cult members bothered with.

Tan suit. Mom jeans. Terrorist fist bump. Mustard. and on and on.


I haven’t been here that long but I’m pretty sure I could safely bet money on this being wrong.


And I didn’t participate in any of them.


Next thing you libs will accuse me of birtherism…even thou I didn’t have a single post in either of those threads.

So lie away libs.

Fake News.

Is this really the best you folks can come up with today?

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They are scared.

I’m going to laugh at all of em when they don’t retake the house and lost few senate seats.

It will deserve em right. :wink:

Are you proud of that draft dodger sitting there bobbing his head like an idiot while God Bless America plays, at a rally solely designed to promote Patriotism?

After filling the rally with fake Eagles fans?


One way to deal with this would be to play the anthem while the teams are still in the locker rooms.

Fake News!!!

Fox news and the punditry class certainly loved them some ODS.

So you’re here in this thread just to convince everyone you don’t participate in trivial ■■■■? Alrighty, then.

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