Fake news thinks President Trump caved


Won’t that be hard to argument to make in court?


Maybe that’s why Trump is building up Gitmo.


The fact is that Gitmo has Less prisoners since trump took office.

And as yogi says you can look it up.

Allan (facts are our friends)


Data from Customs and Borders:


Why wasn’t he doing something about this when he had a GOP congress and house?


It’s more like bending over backward to try to negotiate with Democrats and their queen witch! It’s not going to work because it’s clear the only thing Dems care about is resistance, impeachment, division and of course illegals.

They hate President Trump more then they love the country. The love illegals more then they love American citizens, they don’t even hide that fact anymore.


He is?


Now…let Coulter run for President in 2020.



Time to acknowledge the issue.


Explain how the wall will address the drug overdose epidemic? (The link references data up to 2017… The data has been available for over a year…)

Could a Democratic president use the same data to justify Medicare for all?


My bet is that if Trump is dumb enough to shut the Government down again, the sick outs will happen sooner and airport chaos will be worse than the taste that we got last week.


My expert is President Trump.

He finally admitted we don’t need a ‘sea-to-sea’ wall.

Show me where you want it and we can talk.


Look at the vote to end the shutdown…the entire congress and senate voted to agree to end the shutdown.

I guarantee you, if Trump tries to shut down the government again, they will vote en masse to shove his wall where the sun don’t shine.

Face it. You’re not getting your stupid wall.


No, because universal health care doesn’t stop people from getting hooked on opioids any better than it helps people to live longer (lifespan has been declining since 2014, the day the ACA took effect).


I just got a letter from the Bureau of Statistics explaining that with the new shortened life-span data, it’s been determined I died last year.

I may appeal the decision.


You want to pay taxes?!?!


What about a multi-billion dollar funding program for substance abuse treatment?


It’s too soon for my heirs to pay… I hope.


Because it would be the right thing to do for the country.
Just kidding.


Well the public issued a resounding no to the idea of spending 5.7 billion for some as of yet unknown plan to build a wall on some part of the border, or maybe artistically designed steel slats, or maybe just fencing where there already is over 600 miles of fencing.

Maybe next time if an actual proposal with specific plans were to be offered?

Even then- money would be better spent on a wide array of border security measures. The Wall is a dumb campaign pledge.