Fake news thinks President Trump caved


You really have a problem with facts. The Democrats have previously voted for comprehensive border security that included personal, electronic tracking, repair and replace and blockades (which included wall and fencing structures). However the kicker is that each time the bills included specific plans and locations where the resources would be utilized. This administration has been asked multiple times for details on how and where these current funds would be used. And the administration has failed to provide the requested documents. So it is a pretty obvious clue that the only thing Trump wants is a campaign promise win. He has manufactured a crisis. And his team is not even smart enough to come up with a even a simple plan.


They voted for barriers we needed.

Voting for barriers we don’t need is the problem.


Illegals didn’t walk into a high school in Parkland Florida and kill 17 people.

Illegals don’t take assault weapons and mow down the little kids at a school in Sandy Hook.

An illegal didn’t run over and kill a young protesting woman in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia during a White Nationalist march.

An illegal didn’t smash out the windows of a Las Vegas hotel room and kill over 50 people with a modified assault weapon using a bump stock.

I don’t recall any illegal walking into a church and start shooting after he participated in a bible study.

I don’t recall reading about an illegal sending bombs in the mail to various citizens and government officials.

And you worry about illegals killing people? Spare me your tears.


Hey, this guy just shot up 5 people in Louisiana. He surely doesn’t look foreign.


Does anyone with a lick of political sense think Senate republicans will let Trump’s dumb ass shut the government down again?


They will let it happen and then override. Trump keeps his promise and they strategically choose who gets them to 2/3.


The balls were transferred from Ann Coulter to Nancy Pelosi.


Interesting prediction. I can see it.


Real news knows Fat Donald caved.


The Senate voted unanimously before for a bill with no wall funding. Your point?


Who told you it’s manufactured ?


Not according to the experts who protect this country, who are your experts who refuse to protect Americas borders?


A what point in the last two years did it become a crisis?


None of that has anything to do with the border.


in the last 30 when didn’t it?


What does that have to for with the border, are you trying to justify the crimes from the illegal immigration problem?


Why is it an emergency now?


You mean the same news that lied about Trumps Russian collusion?


I guess the art of the deal is having his balls used as a paperweight.


It’s always been an emergency, just not to some Politicians who I feel don’t care because of Globalist influence.