Fake news thinks President Trump caved


“losing is winning”


:rofl: wow you might need to take a dramamine.


We need a thread on which point Trump will take credit for at the end of these next 3 weeks as his victory for not reinstating the shut down, that he could have had before the shut down. Oh, and there still will be no wall.


I won’t. There are three equal branches of government. The sooner he learns that the sooner he can adjust his Art of the Deal skills, whatever those are.


While there are some among us that are busy blaming Chuck & Nancy for the shutdown, I’ll just take this opportunity to remind everyone that Ryan and McConnell were in the top leadership positions of their respective chambers of congress when this shutdown began.


Socialized medicine will always fail!


facts: If Democrats don’t get with the program it’s shut down again on the 15 February.


Has the socialized military, police, and fire failed?




It’s hard to take Trump’s threats seriously at this point, since he just blinked and reopened the government.

It’s not going to close again.


Nacy offered Trump 6 billion dollar for border security, Trump refused because he wanted a wall.


Nope, Government will shut down again if they fail to come up with an acceptable plan based off of facts to protect the American people from the illegal immigration problem.


spoken like someone who has never had socialized healthcare.


Since illegal immigration is decreasing how is that a problem?


It’s still a problem thank you.


But since its decreasing what we’re doing now works so a new wall is not necessary.


It’s hilarious to watch the Democrats believe that Trump “failed”, then later they’re disappointed all over again. It happens over and over again. I never tire of it.



He had two years with complete control of the government and he couldn’t close the deal. Trump got hosed and is as obvious as ever he’s clueless and sucks at negotiating.

He gets credit for holding 800k workers hostage and wiping half a percentage of economic growth away. MAGA!!!


Ann knows what a grabbing looks like when she sees it. Lil’ Donald done got grabbed today.


Trump was owned and Trump supporters were cucked.

Get over it my friend.

Pelosi outsmarted and outmaneuvered Trump Pelosi is the true master of the art of the deal.

You can make as many threads as you want talking about how this is all part of Trumps strategy, its a 4D chess game but the truth is Trump’s climb down is a humiliating defeat.