Fake news thinks President Trump caved


Lol. Will not shut the govt again in this term.

He was mugged by nancy.

New movie coming out today

The wrath of Mitch.

R senators are looking bad.



Trump schooling libs, advantage Trump!


Oh Bill. To quote Megan Kelly: “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better, or is this real?”


Not like that guy makes a living telling people exactly what they want to hear or nothing.


I’m laughing so hard it actually hurts.


A very apt quote. And it was evident in the President’s speech today that he was completely oblivious to the fact that he was bleeding from his…his…whatever.


Well, now I’ve had my laugh for the day. Between Roger Stone getting a new residence, Trump caving, and this thread, I don’t think my day could get any better.


Odd how Mr. Coulter thinks tiny donnie caved.


Who here likes to see little kids locked up? Raise your hand.


Trump caved. He had no real choice. Nancy made it clear she had rather see federal workers go bankrupt than allow Trump to claim a victory and increase the country’s border security.
I’m not even sure she will let him cover himself by allowing a little more border barrier creation in February.
Trump has done as best he could without having a supporting Congress, I’ll give him credit for that.


Not even Cocaine Mitch supports him.

Or the Paul Ryan House.

Wall is stupid.


The little bastards should have known better than to come here illegally with their parents! Lock them up! Lock them up!


Trump was an idiot for thinking he could win this shutdown.


Trump put himself in this situation Doug…you can blame Nancy all you want, but Trump is the one who drew the red line in the sand over the wall, and then showed all the spinal strength of a wet paper towel. This is what happens when you vote for a con-man who never cared about anything more than his own name in the lime-lights. Now eat yer peas! :rofl:


President Trump gave the entrenched D leadership a timeout and a face saver.

Time to talk border security and give it some love.

Three weeks will pass very quickly. .


Suppose you’re Donald Trump. And suppose you’re an idiot. But I repeat myself.

H/T Mark Twain



Watching the contortions of the right this afternoon has been a highlight of my year so far.


“I am proud to shut down the Government”

-President Donald J Trump

Do you think that he is now regretting creating a crises where none was needed? Without a plan? No exit strategy? No way to get what he wants other than finger pointing that no one serious will accept because he said … say it again with me…

“I am proud to shut down the Government”

Yes. The President has no choice.

This was the only outcome from day one.

Too bad it took him a month to realize it.


It’s gonna be a very good year.

More indictments are coming. Within a couple months. Higher up the food chain.

I’d be buying futures in whatever it is that helps Trumpists blame others for their own doin’s. They’re gonna need a lot of it.


If you think anyone but the most hopeless of Trumpers blames Dems for any of this then you need to expand your horizons beyond the right wing media spin machine.

This is a full-stop loss for Trump.

You will never get your wall. Deal with it.