Fake news thinks President Trump caved

Ya Rushin’?

You don’t mind being lied to because of someone’s fantasy? Actually, that kind of makes sense.

I’ll bet Obamacrats didn’t mind Obama’s lies for the same reason.

Well, it depends on the situation at hand, and what I believe is going on in it.

Ironically enough, several things that Trump has done, I’ve been saying to my Liberal
friends should be done for quite some years now.
Like the tariffs on China. Liberal Mainstream News being corrupt.

I don’t like that he’s cheated on his wives before, and sometimes he could be
less full of himself at times, but at other times it helps him.

How have tariffs on China helped me??

RINO’s, you know those Democrats that ran as Republicans for their Globalist billionaires.

Not from what I see.

Government has been open for a week and a half. There is no wall founding. Trump caved.

Nope, it was part of the bigger plan, I wounder how many in the resistance that hold Government Union jobs got the pink slip after the 30 days.

Hows the weather in St Petersburg?

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Ask Obama and Hillary, their the ones who colluded to steal an election.

Those people totally supported Donald’s shutdown. Besides they were all Democrats.

So your okay with Trump saying one thing, his intel chiefs contradicting him and then, after talking to the chiefs, lies about what they said to him privately. That is where this discussion started.

Collusion is not illegal.

Stop watching Fox News. There are much more better alternatives. You want numbers? As far as popularity goes, MSNBC was the only cable news network to post double digit growth in 2018, according to Politico. In prime time, MSNBC went up 10 percent while Fox went up a tiny 1 percent. And MSNBC went up 12 percent in total day ratings, while Fox went DOWN 1 percent.

Robert Mueller hasn’t found any collusion. There was no collusion.

Not with Obama or Hillary. He has one case outstanding. :wink:

Attempted coups are.

That’s a lot of uninformed people.

Mueller’s not investigation Hillary, that would be the DOJ.

Correct, the DOJ is investigation Hillary and Obama for their attempted coup.