Fake news is setting up for Mueller Report disappointment

Seems like the Fake News sees a glimps of reality and the big Nothing Burger. I captured this NBC title a few minutes ago. “You may be disappointed by the Mueller report
The special counsel operates under rules that severely constrain how much information can be made public.”

The only disappointments i have is the sham and waste of money to come up with a nothing burger. Now looneytune libs in the House want to keep up their wasteful spending investigation for another two years with Mueller investigators working for them.


So you believe the fake news now? LOL

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I wish the people who spent more than 4 years with 6+ investigations into Benghazi trying to destroy Hillary Clinton cared even half as much about the President’s campaign and family blatantly colluding with a foreign power to influence an American election.


I will say exactly what I said yesterday when this same article was used to start a thread.

That article doesn’t say what you think it says.

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That article says we may be disappointed because it might not be made fully public. It says nothing as to it’s actual content.

We found Hillary’s criminal activity (private server) through the Benghazi investigation.

Yeah nothing burger, except for the felony convicitons.

Oh and by the way there won’t be any collusion found between the president and Russia.

Did you actually read the article or just the headline? From your OP it seems you just saw the headline and drew your own conclusion.

FYI you are always telling us how fake news cannot be trusted but now you are wanting to believe fake news - Typical Trump supporter logic.

Why do we need a 2nd thread about this?


Never knew about the first one. I don’t spend as much time here as you apparently do. You don’t have to respond.

Its my story i can say anything i want. Boooooooo.

No collusion no burger…

Ah, so this is just a troll thread. Cool.

But, that went nowhere. The fix was in to get her in.

I can say anything i want.

I believe that fake news is fake.

Except fake news is not fake. News is based on facts. How those facts are presented (or not) can differ, however the basis of fact still remains. A lot of people on the right deem stories from sources as “fake”.
To them, anything that leads with “it is reported” or “sources tell us” etc. is news. When in reality it is not.
The President and his supporters have gotten carried away using the term.

Some Democrats on the hill have already stated that they are willing to subpoena the Mueller report if it appears that the AG is making an effort to hide important information. Personally I think that there will be enough evidence of wrong doing by this administration that can not be ignored. Film at eleven.

Couldn’t be because 11 congressional investigations and the most damning thing exposed was Hillary saying, “At this point, what difference does it make?”

Maybe others have overused their hate and drama queen antics.