Fake News - Is It A Problem?

I don’t blame you. It really screws up the GLN.

I dated Walter’s son when I was living in NYC after college. He never discussed politics or his view on anything political with anyone. I don’t believe he even voted in Presidential elections. Even his son didn’t know what his political beliefs were.

Oh lord you can’t get any lower a standard then the current MSM, they’ve literally lost their minds! They are inciting division and violence in this country and don’t give a damn. Its a piece of disgusting behavior like I’ve never seen before. Trump PUNCHING back at them is a way to put balance to the garbage they pass off as news.

FDR used radio fireside chats, Reagan used to address the nation via TV appearances and Trump uses Twitter but I think Trump should combine his tweets along with weekly TV/Radio addresses as well.

American journalism and reporting is in the toilet. Once again it’s proven that anything liberals control turns rancid!

Cool story bro’

The press gets it right far more often than Trump does.

It’s bad.

There’s the nutty conspirational stuff ala Alex Jones which is bad enough, but there are no referees as to the truth anymore.

People may blame the modern press, but the modern press is simply catering to 24/7 demand for news by rushing, and hence making mistakes.

If they don’t rush, they get scooped by some outlet with zero standards. So things continue to get worse.

Read my post in this thread. It is definitely applicable to you.

FTR…when it comes to talk radio, the right wing dominates it and I bet my pay check that is where you get most of your news. You talking about libs as if cons don’t do the SAME DAMN THING.

Stop being a hypocrite.

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Who were the referees before?

That’s definitely part of it, as it relates to the rise of opinion programming.

Seems Fox’s Neil Cavuto thinks fake news coming out of the Whitehouse is definitely a problem.

I agree with both of you

I rate this post as “True”.

The papers, the cronkites.

They weren’t perfect. And there is no 100% unbiased reporting anywhere on the planet.

But this is worse on all counts.

It’s been democratised.

In the Trump era it’s harder to distinguish between sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. I don’t know if half these people believe what they post.

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Cronkite? Not after February 1968.

Are we really believing any organization can police itself? Especially a for profit organization?

There are news sites who do get it wrong by trying to be the first with a story, because verification can mean they miss the big scoop.

However, a lot of reporting is written in a way to be misleading to the public. They intentionally leave out facts, so as not to add the proper context, to slant the news, in hopes that a casual observer will come away with a false impression.

To me, intentionally misleading the public is another form of fake news, where as the other form may simply be over aggressiveness, and not neccesarily intentional.

Some are better at it than others.

I don’t think Govt funded outlets ala the BBC would be accepted in the US. Even if the result can be better.

This is the new normal, and it’s only going to get worse. If you don’t believe the story, you can find someone else willing to tell you what you want to hear.

It has always been true in any era. Tombstone, Arizona in 1881.

This is also going to get DRAMATICALLY worse in the next decade or two.

Audio and video are going to be very easy to fake, with no way to tell the real from false. And that tech is going to be available to every person with a half decent computer and the motivation to learn it.

I agree. Confirmation bias is extremely powerful. Appeal to authority, appeal to numbers.

One of my favorite quotes:
“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”
William Penn

Democracy is over-rated. Revolution under-rated. :wink: