FAIR Act passed in the House

Finally, something that gives me hope.

The Federal Arbitration Act, passed in the 1920s, made arbitration clauses in contracts binding. In the past decade, it has become increasingly common to find forced arbitration clauses afflicting both consumers and employees. The FAIR Act—I must find out how politicians come with such great acronyms—will reverse this regulation and allow consumers and employees to sue in court again.

Opponents of this bill say that it will lead to increased costs of various things. To this I say: Freedom is messy, but it is the better option.


I wonder if Trump will sign it.

This is a good thing. I hope it goes through.

Shall we wait and see what goes through the Senate?

Or we can speculate now.

Is there some reason not to?

No chance. A republican controlled senate under Mitch “the grim reaper” McConnel would never pass such a pro worker piece of legislation (let alone even bring it up for a vote)

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Senate kills it. Guaranteed.

Probably not, but he’s surprised us many times before.

Of course… that’s where all legislation (the business of the people) goes to die without a fair hearing.

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It’s because it’s pro worker legislation.

Well, that first and foremost.

What rationale would they offer for doing that?

They wouldn’t kiil it, they’d just put it on the shelf and never talk about it.

They’ll make something up.