Failing FNC LOL

Looks like the POTUS has developed a case of FDS. Shrieking like a kid that only good shows about him will do well on FNC.

Poor tired little man

will the sheepeople at #cult45 follow on and jump on this band wagon?

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Wallace did a good job in his interviews with Comey, Bondi (Blondie?), and Schiff.


I thought Bondi was little shrill in her defense of Trump and stumbled a little while reciting her script, but she’s what Trump likes. Wallace became a little frustrated with her unwillingess to answer direct questions at times.

Both Comey and Schiff admitted there were serious errors in the Trump investigation. Comey even apologized for his part. That was refreshing.


I like luke this tidbit:

Only pro Trump news outlets get good ratings. The President of the United States is saying this. And it’s absolutely horrifying.


There’s a reason why people are turning to alternative news sources like OAN and Project Veritas to get FAIR coverage of the president.


Always just one step beyond, aren’t you? In this case it was kind of funny.

Still don’t get why you spend so much time being a poe.

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Why does he need pro-Trump news?


Crying about it on Twitter like a little girl.

Wait no, not even most little girls whine like that.

At least one other person here has been literally doing it for years. I’m not sure what the point is.


What’s the point of anything, really?


Another form of political commentary that satirizes the position of another to illustrate the inherent absurdity of it all? And when the opposition piles on and agrees with the absurdity it underscores the point.

Or maybe there are no poes at all? :thinking:


Just spoons

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But doesn’t it only work if you don’t know they’re doing it? Isn’t an obvious poe failing?

Too much nihilism for a Sunday morning.


On the contrary, I think it works both ways. It’s hilarious when they take you seriously, and biting (to them) when they know what you’re up to but realize there are earnest people with the same opinion.

I suppose. And everyone puts on a persona here to some extent.


Trump wants to be a king who is constantly worshiped. Recall his early cabinet meetings where everyone had to say something laudatory about him?

And the irony is…it will never be enough. The hole in Trump’s psyche is bottomless.

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We’re not supposed to talk about what Trump says.

Well it seems to be getting the same on this forum. I have noticed that ANY anti Trump seems to touch a nerve with the cultists and the thread gets put in the TDS section and locked. Seems some people cant stand the slightest bad wording or shining a light on the POTUS.

i say standby your dear leader and defend the threads dont just lock them and hope they go away.


Is Fox allowed to post the results of their polls, and comment on them, without prior approval from Donald?