Factcheck: CNN doesn't know history


They presented it as fact which is utterly false. They don’t get a free pass on this. Somebody screwed up.


So what should happen ? Should someone get fired?

Inteesting how every time Trump presents a falsehood as fact you dont say he screwed up and he doesnt get a free press.


Did I suggest someone should be fired? No.

I’ve never gone easy on Trump for his lies or false statements either, I’m just not consumed with them.


Yes, exactly.

CNN could have confirmed that what Northam said was factually correct with quick internet search. Instead they are running a factually incorrect headline that claims that Northam made a gaffe.

The CNN story is an example of sloppy reporting.


Northam said, “. . .in 1619 the first African indentured servants landed on our shores . . .” starting at about 20 seconds into the video. CNN calls the indentured servant slaves in their headline; their headline is not a quote from Northam.

What Northam actually said is factually correct. CNN’s headline is factually incorrect, yet they claim that Northam made a gaffe. Even worse CNN could have confirmed that Northam’s statement is factually correct with a quick internet search before they chose to run their story.


If you watch the video, you see that CNN quoted him correctly. Thread fail.

And are you this extreme with Fox News? I look forward to your corrections of them.


CNN’s headline is correct that they factually reported what Northam said but I agree the headline is badly worded there is no comparison between an indentured servant and a slave. Though I am sure there are some on this forum who would like to see a return to the era of indentured servants.


I didn’t know that and I’m literally obsessed with history, as almost every one here knows.


You can say perfectly factually that Pennsylvania was the first state to begin freeing slaves like a half century plus before the civil war.

As a Pennsylvania politician you’d have to be retarded to come out and say that publicly.