Facing the backlash from coming out

Trump supporters of color can face a huge backlash from white leftists if they come out:

Is claiming that the someone’s skin color should determine their politics a form of racism?

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They are just following what their leader said.


Yes, I find it ironic that “woke” whites are expressing this form of bigotry.

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They are an odd sort, who feels without their white knight woke help poor black people wouldn’t know what to do in this world. It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations. I often wonder if they really can’t see how condescending and racist they are.

I saw a clip of Chelsea Handler on the View and she was going off on her former boyfriend “50 Cents” for saying he was going to vote for Trump. She actually said on air, “I had to remind him that he was black” Really? I would imagine he knows his skin pigmentation much better than her, maybe that’s why she is an ex.


It wasn’t cool to be a republican when I was a kid either, and I was a huge GOP voter. You have to make your life decisions and deal with the jerks. Do you want to force people to be nice to Republicans?

Just like people who were against the Iraq war and the Patriot Act.

Was willing to bet 99.9% of those referring to minority Americans as traitors for voting Republican were white.

A young woman in the middle of the video confirmed that suspicion. 99.9% of white liberals are the most sneaky mean, passive agressive racists on Planet Earth.

I guess many in our county seat, according to these know it alls, are traitors. It’s largely black and Caribbean, with some Asians, & not a single Biden/Harris sign in the most rough & tumble part of it.

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It’s ironic Obama’s campaign motto was Yes We Can, translated into Spanish, Si, se puede.

Seems many white liberals don’t think non white Americans can even think or make choices for themselves without their condescending “advice”.

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Seems many cons dont think non white americans can even think or make choices for thems and are brainwashed into living on a “plantation”…

Iromic thread tho considering how trumpers treat republican never-trumpers…


It’s like people have never heard of The Stereotype of Americans being jerks. We’re not Canada.

White libs. Tsk, tsk

The Dixie Chicks approve of this post.

I thought you guys on the left were for tolerance and respect. Did that change?

It’s weird that tolerance and respect is a “leftist” trait.


So the left are not tolerant and respectful? Who knew?

One of the worst things the Trump presidency has shown in my very humble opinion is a desperate need to feel victimized. It’s almost pathological.


Never heard of the paradox of tolerance?

I am. But my tolerance and respect isn’t driven by political party.

My dad once told me that as a rich white male, he was the most persecuted group in America. This was in the early 90s and I never have forgotten that.