Facebook Fundraiser for Asylum Seekers breaks couples's expectations

It warms the heart to see private citizens pitching in to help these families with the resources it’s going to take to get their families back. This couple started a fundraiser hoping to raise $1500 for the legal fees of asylum seekers and have raised over $12 million and counting in 5 days

Charlotte and Dave Willner started a Facebook fundraiser, titled “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child,” after they saw a viral photo of a 2-year-old Honduran girl looking up and crying as her mother was searched by a Border Patrol agent in southern Texas. They created the page on Saturday, June 16, hoping to raise $1,500. As of Wednesday, more than 300,000 donors have raised more than $12 million. The page is bringing in more than $10,000 a minute, according to organizers.