Face it libs, your people are animals.(revised)

Voting third party, eh? Good on you.

Not a justification, just bizarre that you are repeatedly virtue signalling about kid sniffers yet silent when it comes to Trump’s past.


Would you support using force to shut the riots down? Is it time to say enough is enough?

It is, that’s why “but Trump!” is always the go to. :man_shrugging:

Great. You made your personal judgement. That’s awesome. Let’s refocus for a second.

Would you support using force to shut the riots down? Is it time to say enough is enough?

Don’t forget walking in on teen girls changing. Klassy.


Hardly. My bringing up Trump in the context of you virtue signalling about Biden is entirely justified. Why is your concern about these sorts of things limited by partisanship?


Sorry, Six and I are discussing something else at the moment.

Thank you.

Define force, please. Explain the who, who would be using it, please. Please and thank you, explicate futher on the meaning and scope of support.

Are there any? These nit wits couldn’t survive a day without daddy’s credit card. They would wilt under anarchy. :laughing:

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Right, that’s why these efforts to justify voting for the kid sniffer are pursued so virtuously. I don’t expect libs to lose sleep over their support for him. It wasn’t their idea to vote for him, it was the TV’s. :man_shrugging:

Clearly, you don’t know anarchists.

It’s totally unrelated to the NYC courts investigating the trumps. TOTALLY.

I likewise don’t expect cons to lose sleep over their support of Trump.


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I agree that libs are consistent in voting how they are told to.

I thought that was obvious when he called them Biden supporters.

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I remember one of then curling up inthe fetal position and cry when the po-leece got him.

I am not entertain this made up “kid sniffer” claim being compared to Trumps “grab em” or adultery.

One is a Facebook group fever dream (kid sniffer)… the other is in the Presidents own words.

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A human response to a baton swinging down. But, you have revealed something else entirely, here.

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I cannot define force. I have never had riot training. But police and the national guard have. Just let them do their jobs and end it.

The Cincinnati Po-leece did a great job. They brought in a bunch of busses and parked them in a big lot. They approached the rioters from three sides, like a spartan phalanx. Herded them into the lot, zipped tied them, loaded them on to the busses and away they went. Cincinnati hasn’t had riots in months.

Sound good?

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