Face it libs, your people are animals.(revised)

How do we know these people support Biden?

Look at those rabid animals in that video. :thinking:

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I don’t think the ANTIFA vote.


The answer to that question should be a definite “ABSOLUTELY”!!

He described what constitutes “animal”, and you asked if you qualify. He asked you if you fit the criteria because he doesn’t want to broadbrush you into that category.

Now you’ve refused to answer, and insist that he does broadbrush you into that category.

That’s typical lib tactics around here.

( shrug )

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Pearl clutching. It’s clear that the people in the video are animals. Refute it.

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I will answer this, but lets do the question thing in order, shall we?

Would you support using force to shut this crap down? Is it time to say enough is enough?

I believe Trump’s preferred term is “human scum.”

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That would constitute force.

Yes. Force.

The people portrayed in that video should get their ■■■■ together. They’re animals and yes, they’re Biden supporters.

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Grabbing that redhead by the hair triggered me a little. If I was there, I might be in jail right now. Or in the hospital.

Well, there is an old proverb: When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit.

Certain libs are trying to derail this thread. They were not called out specifically, yet they are doing a lot of yelping. Maybe they are connecting dots for us.


That post makes no sense. I know exactly what I see in the mirror. And I am damn proud to stand for truth and for the future of this nation and the battle for its soul.


When they abuse a woman like that, they are human scum. Don’t you agree?

You made that up.

Or, at least, you are the one making that claim. Not the OP.

Let us know what “battle” feels like when you’ve actually experienced one. :rofl:

There is no possible way you can prove that.

It’s just your opinion. I hold the opposite one, ANTIFA don’t vote.


Trump does prefer to label me as human scum. This is true. The OP prefers violent animal.

Remember the pearl-clutching over “basket of deplorables?” I do…


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Liberal mob.

That’s the claim.

This is no truth to that.


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