Face it libs, your people are animals.(revised)

Libs: “Eww, Trump bragged about grabbing loose grown women!”

Also libs: “Just because Biden tries to force his mouth on little kids doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote for him!”


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You cannot define a word you are using to challenge others?

You might want to seek out one of those self help seminars. Your self esteem could use a little work.

“Loose grown women”?

But officer, she SAID she was eighteen!

Seconded, and likewise cons are consistent in voting how they are told to.

If that were the case, Hillary would’ve won against the likes of Cruz/Kasich, etc… :man_shrugging:

I missed who is calling for that here. You’re right with that statement, of course. And I condemn vigilante responses in all this. So far, examples of that haven’t worked out so well.

My interpretation of the OP and ensuing responses is calling precisely for this. Maybe I’m misreading things.

Facebook Group Fever Dream

They NEED Biden to be weird so they can justify supporting a serial sexual assaulter.

Parents accusing Biden of Child Molestation- 0

Woman accusing Trump of Sexual Assualt - 20?

Teenagers accusing Trump of trying to view them in the nude - at least 1



It is the case seeing as Trump has an incredibly high approval rating amongst cons.

I have never had riot training. But police and the national guard have. Just let them do their jobs and end it.

The Cincinnati Po-leece did a great job. They brought in a bunch of busses and parked them in a big lot. They approached the rioters from three sides, like a spartan phalanx. Herded them into the lot, zipped tied them, loaded them on to the busses and away they went. Cincinnati hasn’t had riots in months.

Sound good?

C’mon man. Enough about me already. Your turn.

Buh buh buh buh kid sniffing!

The TV wanted someone like Cruz or Kasich. The voters on the Right decided otherwise.

The voters on the Left wanted someone like Bernie. The TV decided otherwise.

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The police don’t need my support to do their jobs. In fact, they’re happier if I and everyone else just stay out of their way and let them do their jobs. But I’m sure that’s what the OP meant asking if I support using force to put a stop to it over and over because that totally tracks.

I don’t agree with most of your posts, but I’ll stand side by side with you in suggesting that most of the rioters and mavens of mayhem will not be voting.


The voters on the right chose Trump, and once the party saw the writing on the wall they went all in. Now any dissent from the right regarding Trump is dismissed as RINO lib treason. Whatever they say in private, however they justify it, it’s lockstep support.

Sure. A bunch of spoiled, privileged, rich white kids are going to take care of themselves? Have you even seen these goofballs? They couldn’t find their asses with both hands.

Anarchy would kill them in a matter of hours.

Exactly, the voters on the right decided for the TV, whereas the TV decided for the voters on the left.

Thank you.

Most of those don’t look like kids to me. You need glasses dude?

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Hey, you’re welcome.