Extremist Legislation from both sides

all red meat, no beans

first OK abortion law which bans abortion except if the mothers life is in danger. makes perfect sense if you’re pro life.

then the CO law which would make abortion legal at any time. basically, a woman could be in labor and have an abortion. makes perfect sense if you’re pro choice

i don’t like either one, but i don’t live in OK or CO, if this is what those states want. its their state, its their laws, and its their choices to make them, and this is what you get when both sides refuse to listen to each other

Basically this isn’t true

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It does no such thing. Prove it by citing it in the law

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Well, since the states border each other, the solution should be obvious to any pregnant person.

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Oh hey, good point!

basically, yes it is. read the co law and tell us all what restrictions it has

go ahead, list the restrictions.

Cite it. It was your claim, not mine.

Colorado currently has some of the broadest access to abortion in the nation; it’s one of only a handful of states that doesn’t set a gestational limit on the procedure.

nope, you said it didn’t, go ahead and list the restrictions, prove me wrong

so what are the restrictions in the law? list them

Best as I can’t tell, there aren’t any.


odd, our resident lefties don’t seem to want to talk about this when you display the extremism from both sides.

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I am pro woman’s choice until viability of the fetus. In that case it should be prohibited. Gives the woman plenty of time to make her choice.

20 weeks is plenty of time.


then you agree the extremist legislation in CO is bad

It’s 26 weeks outpatient for any reason and 34 weeks for medical issues. That’s not in the law. That’s in Colorado. The law wouldn’t remove these

Third trimester either way which is wrong imo.

Third Trimester Abortions are by and far tragedies where the intention was to keep the baby but the pregnancy was failing.

There is a myth that there are slews of women out there getting late term abortions on a whim and it just doesn’t happen.


If indeed that is the case.

I think 8th month elective abortions should not be performed.

Too late.


@Ben_Natuf It doesn’t seem extremist to me.

Perhaps you can show where it is

Here is the text of the bill that became law.


For now.