Expunging the Articles from House records is happening

Do you believe this is what the American people care about. A good sized majority rejected the Senate trial for the cover-up it was. I think the American people are more concerned about the making ends meet, healthcare costs, retirement savings and personal security than about a move whose only real audience is the ego the President.

But I suppose that’s what Republicans think government is for these days.

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This same future President has the opportunity to take his grievances to the courts…just as Trump did. Maybe the future Congress, that’s in power at that time, will learn from this Congress’s mistake?

Will he have to though?..Didnt the court just settle this? All the Dem pres would have to do is site this case.

H Arendt, Of course We the People are less concerned about political bickering. This impeachment went over the line. A re-elected Trump will be impeached again if Dems reign of the House continues. Down ballot votes need to show Washington DC the business of politicians is us only above all else. Expunging the Articles will go a long ways for any bogus partisan efforts going forward disappearing too.

Senate trial is Political. The real jurist are the voters. Vote down ballot red is only way to stop Dems for another bogus partisan affair just because no one can stop them. Expunging will happen making future Partisan efforts (either party) think twice before attempting anything like this without at least a decent amt of bi-partisan support.

The Lower Chamber made no mistake. This was calculated. They are well aware the impeachment will be expunged if they are removed. More impeachment’s are coming if this House does not turn red. Vote down ballot changes the narrative of what Trump can do to help America in 2021 and 2022 if re-elected.

Expunging is forever, if impeachment or censure is not a bi-partisan affair.

Look at this:

Andrew Jackson censuring to expunge took almost 3 years to happen. Made possible because Jackson re-elected and House changed control in

Andrew Johnson - did not even win the1868 Democratic nomination for next election cycle after being impeached replacing Lincoln.

Nixon - Ford lost his only Pesidential election bid next election cycle.

Clinton - Gore lost his only Presidential election bid next election cycle.

Trump - should he be re-elected will be the 1st GOP to win next election cycle in history despite being impeached.

Everyone in Washington DC knows that expunging will happen if perfect strorm also destroys Dem controlled House.

Try to get word out Down Ballot voting is only way to stop further impeachment’s of Trump…

You are making a lot of assertions and assumptions.

What “line” did the impeachment cross. It terrified Senate Republicans into greatly reducing the oversight power of Congress. What other line was crossed?

Why do you think another impeachment is likely. Pelosi was very much loathe to do this one, but Trump’s egregious misbehavior forced her hand. Do you expect that Trump will do something else that obviously impeachable? Its up to him.

Why do you think “expunging” the articles will do anything other than increase partisan rancor.

I would suggest that Trump listen to his broad evangelical support and look at the concept of “turning the other cheek” if the goal is dispel partisanship.

If you’re that disenchanted, you COULD support ending the cycle right now…but I’m guessing you’ll wait until it’s ”our” turn.

I already did, If you think otherwise, you need to disconnect from this video game every now and then. :wink:

The only assumptions I make here is expunging does not materialize if both Trump is not re-elected and Lower Chamber does not change over to red.

Everything else is laid out as 100% factual. Believe me if it wasn’t someone doing fact checking of my recap would of already chimed in.

I challenge anybody to prove otherwise.

This is NO GAME either.

Impeachment’s don’t stop if House does not change over.

Buckle in, vote down ballot so Congress can get back to working for the People.

Just cream on top of red strawberries this expunging ceremony will be.

Expunging is ON - Impeachment is OFF

Everybody in Washington DC knows it too…

Cool story. Whose gonna responsible for editing his Wiki page?

Who really cares about expungement? Done is done. He got away with it.

so the President.

I’m out, banned for a year

Oh yes.

You mean the opinion that’s still on going and said no president has absolute immunity?

You dont even understand it.

Seems very possible.

#onlypresidentimpeachedtwice does too.

Nothing new about it.

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Keep trouting out those lame-ass hashtags like it’s supposed to garner the same personal results out of me. It’s only going to hurt that much worse when President Trump gets reelected thanks to your fellow Democrat voters.