Expunging the Articles from House records is happening

If and when the House Majority turns Republican erasing of the Articles of impeachment happens too!

Past Presidential expunging in Congress has previously occurred. When the Democratic Party won back control of the Senate in 1836 elections out with Whig Party’s opposition also went their censure scolding of March 28, 1834 against President Andrew Jackson.

The opposition was led by Henry Clay on the House Floor. The nickname for Jackson “Old Hickory” having a rather strong personality himself. Upon retiring from public service he cited as his only regret not being able to shoot the aforementioned statesman from the blue grass State of Kentucky.

Other examples that might shed light on holding to these Articles are far from permanent and forever:

  1. Clinton impeachment - Pleading to guilt on reduced criminal charges still counts as permanent. That also made the case legitimacy in the House much more of a bi-partisan affair. And despite his acquittal in Senate Trial, the impeachment stuck as forever being a criminal guilt stain still not removed elsewhere.
  2. Nixon would of been impeached and removed - Resigning was also a plea bargain but differed being politically arranged. The pardon is recorded with no imprint in Congress whatsoever. Nixon leaving office in disgrace also ruptured an “everlasting” scar nonetheless.

Kind of interesting twist - Nixon was pardoned by Ford for alleged crimes, yet never was booked on any charges thus necessity of a trial become moot. Trump did stand trial and was acquitted, yet it’s only Nixon having nothing tagged on to any ratified House docket.

Again, all this becomes reality, if Dem’s tumble in election this November.

Much like it went down after the 7th President won re-election in 1836.

History can (easily) repeat itself.

Another perfect storm is brewing…

An impeached President with a reversed impeachment seems a little like a born again virgin.

Can’t unscramble an egg.


#Impotus. now and forever


Leave the trophy alone.


I’d leave this stain of an impeachment stand for ever as a permanent blemish on Dems…especially considering the SCOTUS ruling.


I also applaud this expansion of Executive power… or something.

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His reelection would be much more meaningful than “unimpeachment.”

You’ve applauded exactly what the Supreme Court did not…so you can always applaud that.


12 wuts?

This sounds like something a grade schooler might care about.

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Just remember there’ll be a Dem president down the road. And when he ignores congress, the Right and the CEC will all be up in arms calling the same actions Kinglike. And how dare he not answer to the people, no one is above the law!

Articles could be thrown out scrambled or unscrambled: It will be the Dem’s having egg on their faces …

Similar to a full pardon, no subsequent President’s have the power to reverse what is already forgiven once enacted.

And libs will be right here making excuses for the new Democrat doing everything exactly the way Trump did, but it will be “their turn.”

And round and round we’ll go. Weeeeeee.


I was talking about the power the court decision Smyrna linked to…Giving more power to the executive to ignore congress.

We might all learn a little something here, seeing inner workings about expunging and how it works-Constitution style.

Would certainly be epic from a historical perspective for sure.

And the children of future generations can read about it in their grade school American History books too.

Winning back the House is possible, not likely even with a Trump re-election.

This discussion would be better after Nov 4, 2020.


Alright, just to be clear this expunging in Congress, is unilateral to the majority of whatever Chamber has something they want to erase (likely not anything close to resembling a bi-partisan prior action). There will be no way the Executive can intervene here in this kind of thing.

Camp, I bring it up now as an appetizer to an even bigger concern.

People should understand what is really at stake keeping the Dem’s in charge of the House.

Further impeachments will be coming down the pike no matter who sits in the White House not Blue so long as the Lower Chamber stays Dem’s way.

Only by voting “down ballot” for Red will stop the madness.

And Expunging must happen if Trump is re-elected with Republican’s gain back control of the House.

A lot more is riding on expunging than appears to the naked eye…

I am with you.

I just know that flipping Congress back will be difficult. Voters seem to like D and R butting heads. Some will vote Trump and for a D Congress to keep him “in check.”