Exposed: Leftists Sheppard Smith and Bret Baier plotted out oust Judge Jeanine from Fox News 🚨🚨

The left have a thoroughly anti-Democratic agenda of “de-platforming” anyone who disagrees with them.

Freedom of speech is in peril.

What authority are Baier and Smith using?

The “leftists”. LOL

So ridiculous. Go hide under a bed.

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We needed this thread


Yes, it is. And that’s because we have an incompetent ignoramus in the White House who has NO IDEA what’s in the constitution.

The biggest threat to free speech in this country today, is Donald J. Trump, who constantly demonizes the press, undermining the First Amendment, because the press has the nerve to point out what an absolute stupid scumbag Trump is.



Donald J. Trump saved the constitution and free speech … if not for Trump’s victory, we would have PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON and a Supreme Court controlled by ACTIVIST LEFTIST JUDGES. I do not believe the Republic could have survived such a fate.

Obviously the OP has no idea how the 1A works. Fox and every other network, has the absolute right to suspend or fire any of their employees for objectionable on air comments. The 1A simply protects people from GOVERNMENT reprisal against their speech. Free speech and the 1A don’t mean you get to say whatever the ■■■■ you want on your show and your employer can’t react with any reprisal.


We good with anonymous sources again? Cool!

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As for this report in the Gateway Pundit of an insurrection by the liberal element on Fox News…:rofl: :rofl:

Such patriotism.

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First amendment doesn’t guarantee the right to have a job of being racist on tv.

Per leftist logic, it’s impossible for Judge Jeanine to be racist since she is a person of color and a second-generation Arab-American.

Dear Lord why on earth

And she doesn’t have a constitutional right to be paid to say anything she wants on a television show. I didn’t say she was racist. I said she says racist things.

FOX can get rid of Pirro as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care what her ideology is.
I rate her on the obnoxious scale right along with Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar.
Pirro is a motor mouth who constantly interrupts her guests.
Her comment about Omar was stupid. Having a rag tied around her head does not signal a belief in Sharia Law. She probably does believe in it, but unless she says it, don’t complain about it.

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Only 59% of Lebonesse people identify as Arabs. Pierro is a practicing Catholic and obviously doesnt identify as an Arab. People of color can certainly be racist. Another post, another complete fail. Just stop.

This place is a joke.

“People of color” is one of the stupider PC terms. It takes in everyone in the world except albinos.

Freedom of speech doesn’t include your right to a prime time TV show.


I don’t disagree. Can you propose an alternative term. And I’m being serious.